Barbara Meier’s bun

Barbara Meier's bun

Barbara Meier’s bun

Among the many stars who walked the Red Carpet at the Opening Ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival was the German model Barbara meier, remarkable for its refined hairstyle with the icy effect, worthy of a Hollywood star.

Barthélémy Joris, our DESSANGE studio Hairdresser, gives you his secrets to reproduce this Ballerina bun particularly glossy!

Step 1:
Start by depositing a dab of thermo-active disciplining cream on your lengths in order to smooth them perfectly using your brush and your hair dryer.

Step 2:
Spray a cloud of Shine Voile along the length of your hair to give it a look glossy*.

Step 3:
Gather all of your hair into a low, tight ponytail.

Step 4:
Then wrap it in a bun around your tie and hold everything with pins.

Step 5:
Finally, spray a few touches of Natural Fixing Lacquer for maximum hold and to fix any rebellious hair.

Our pro tip: For a more modern effect, insist by marking an offset line!

* shiny

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