Barbara Meier’s Mermaid Sleek

Barbara Meier's Mermaid Sleek

Barbara Meier’s Mermaid Sleek

German actress and model Barbara Meier once again did not go unnoticed last night during the Opening Ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival! In addition to a beige dress with sequins and feathers highlighting her dream plastic, she wore a magnificent “Mermaid Sleek” made by studio hairdresser DESSANGE Barthélémy Joris.
We take a look back at the steps involved in making this sumptuous hairstyle.

Step 1:

Start by parting all of your hair in wide sections, starting with the lowest strands. Using an iron, curl each section of strands.

Step 2:

Once looped, wrap each strand on itself and hold it in this position using flat pliers. Spray a little DESSANGE Natural Fixing Lacquer on the curly locks.

Step 3:

Let cool 10 minutes before gently brushing the lengths.

Step 4:

Always section by section, smooth and then smooth the roots towards the back of your head (up to the level of the ears approximately) with the DESSANGE style fixing spray. You can maintain this movement with small barrettes on each side of your head, the time to finalize the hairstyle and work the lengths.

Step 5:

Finally, add a touch of DESSANGE Tip Polishing Serum to the lengths, in order to discipline them and make them shine as much as possible.

Our pro tip: so that your hair remains flat at the level of the roots, do not hesitate to place (hidden behind your ears), a kirby clip on each side of your skull.

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