Beauty routine in 10 minutes by blogger GabiFresh

Beauty routine in 10 minutes by blogger GabiFresh

Beauty routine in 10 minutes by blogger GabiFresh

We recently gave you GabiFresh’s advice on accepting your body and building self-confidence. The creator of Fatkini is resourceful, and today we’re giving you her beauty routine to be ready in 10 minutes! Because you don’t always have time to spend 40 minutes choosing your clothes, 30 minutes putting on makeup and 20 doing your hair, the important thing is to have everything close at hand and to have a plan of attack for a fast and effective beauty routine!

GabiFresh’s beauty routine: 10 minutes to look awesome!

[quote_center]When I wake up late, or make last minute plans, I always find myself in situations where I just have a few minutes to prepare. Fortunately, I have perfected my prep routine and I share with you my 5 tips to look awesome in 10 minutes.[/quote_center]

1 – have basics in your wardrobe

[quote_center]It’s imperative to have basics in your wardrobe that you can put on in an emergency. To me that means dark jeggings and a cool tee or crop top if I’m going somewhere casual, or a light dress if the occasion calls for more dress. If you’re going for a dress, look for materials that won’t wrinkle so you don’t have to iron them when you’re in a rush. Having a classic necklace to wear also helps a lot! I have two big chain necklaces: one silver and one gold, they go with everything. I put them on all the time when I have to hurry to leave![/quote_center]

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The basics … It is obvious that they are the basis of any well-refined beauty routine. A pretty top, our favorite jeans, a cardigan, and we’re ready for the day! Well almost. We don’t forget, as GabiFresh points out, to have a pretty classic necklace available that adapts to our outfits!

2 – BB Cream

[quote_center]You might not have time to put on your foundation, sheer powder, concealer and blush, but BB cream is the best way to unify your complexion in an instant. You can apply it with your fingertips, and you’ll immediately look smoother (and awake)![/quote_center]

BB Moisturizing Cream SPF 15 on

We have not finished praising the merits of BB cream. If you don’t already have one, now is the time to get started! Less “facelift” than the combination foundation + powder, it illuminates your face and lasts all day. Goodbye the orange traces of a too dark foundation! The BB cream adapts to your complexion. In addition, it is often less expensive! One more reason to add it to your beauty routine.

3 – lipstick

[quote_center]Again, even if you don’t have time to do a full makeup, I find thata touch of lipstick is crucial. It takes 30 seconds and immediately makes you look glamorous! Bonus: you can take a little (I said a little!) On the tips of your fingers and put some on your cheeks: here is your blush![/quote_center]

Rouge volupté by Yves Saint Laurent at € 32.50 – L’absolu rouge by Lancôme at € 30.50 – Pur Matt lipstick by Nars at € 26 available on

What would we do without a good lipstick … In two steps three movements, we are metamorphosed! We gain beauty and confidence in the blink of an eye, and it brings a touch of color to our basic outfit special quick beauty routine. Shiny, matte, red, pink, beige or brown, it extends our wardrobe and our style! For more articles on makeup, it’s here!

4 – the bun

[quote_center]I thank my lucky star that updos are always considered chic! I hope they never go out of style, because it’s really nice to just lift my hair up when I’m on the go. I often use “donuts” for the hair that gives the illusion of such a perfect bun![/quote_center]

Here is a little tutorial for those who do not yet know what a donut for the hair is! Three different styles, for a very quick beauty routine and impeccable hairstyle. The advantage of the bun is that even if we do not have perfectly clean hair where it is difficult to tame quickly, it is not too visible! If you are not a fan of this hairstyle, you can also read our articles on hairstyles suitable for round faces, here!

5 – Sunglasses

[quote_center]Last but not least, sunglasses are my downfall! Have you ever wondered why stars always wear them? It’s not just because they’re stylish, it’s often because they haven’t had the time (or the inclination) to put on makeup. Even if you’re in too much of a rush for my other recommendations, this one is a must, and doesn’t take any time![/quote_center]

Flat top cat-eye sunglasses € 11.43 instead of € 17.14 – Jeepers Peepers sunglasses € 7.14 instead of € 25.71 – Two-tone sunglasses € 9.29 instead of 18 , 57 € available on

Ahhh, sunglasses … They’ve been proven to give us more confidence! So we go for it, and we quickly make it the essential accessory to our morning beauty routine, it hides the ugly dark circles and it avoids having to wear makeup! Well, to avoid when it rains all the same … If the weather is bad and you want to avoid looking like a pitcher, replace this step with a quick lick of mascara!

As you can see, having a quick beauty routine for emergencies is essential. We adapt it to our needs, our desires and the time we have, the important thing being to always be ready on time!

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