Beauty: summer essentials

Beauty: summer essentials

Beauty: summer essentials

Hello sun, hello heat, but also hello redness and small unsightly stains! If the idea of ​​sunbathing warms our hearts, let’s not forget to rethink our beauty routine which must also adapt to the season to avoid the minor inconveniences of summer.

A long-lasting tan

To prolong your tan and protect it from attacks from water, air and heat, DESSANGE has created the Face and body tan extension veil. Its silky touch brings suppleness and softness to the skin. Rich in vitamin E and karanja oil, the active tan extenders maintain the tan of your skin while leaving a delicious scent of summer, warm sand and ylang-ylang.

Soft and hydrated skin

In summer, healthy skin means well hydrated skin. For that, think of the voluptuous Lait STAR’SOLEIL. Applied daily, this moisturizing milk, natural and easy to apply, will give your skin all the softness it deserves, especially after exposure to the sun.

A guaranteed tanned complexion

To all those who do not have the chance to go on vacation or those who wish to prolong the summer as much as possible, DESSANGE offers you its SPF20 tinted solar fluid. Perfect for looking good, even without intense exposure, this tinted sun fluid enhances your tan naturally while protecting your skin. Equipped with a UVB SPF 20 blocker, its light and melting texture is a summer must have.

Summer makeup to the end of the lips

We often tend to think that the lips have an intense need to be protected in winter. And it is absolutely the case! However, they also need to be used just as much in the summer. Indeed, thin and fragile, the skin of the lips needs to be protected from UV rays so as not to dry them out and to avoid the premature appearance of fine lines. Color Enhancing Lip Oil revives your lips and reveals their natural color. Its sparkling and shiny glossy texture is ideal for all occasions: day or evening!

A perfume that smells of summer

Say bye bye to heavy and intoxicating scents and welcome to light and refreshing colognes! The best formula to stay fresh in all femininity? The voluptuous STAR’SOLEIL water. An eau de toilette with the sweet scents of rose and water jasmine, ylang-ylang and hot sand for an ultimate touch of seduction.

Tip: to flatter your tan while traveling light, consider the STAR’SOLEIL summer kit! Find the Face and Body Tan Extender Veil, the Voluptuous Scented Milk and the Color Enhancing Lip Oil in essential miniature formats.

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