Best skull makeup for Halloween

Best skull makeup for Halloween

Best skull makeup for Halloween

Halloween makeup: why is the skull so fascinating?

When Halloween comes, rituals, disguises and make-up remind us of the fascination of the living for the world beyond. Celebrating the dead is indeed part of the traditions of many countries, including France. Costume balls and themed evenings are then organized everywhere to celebrate Halloween, the eve of All Saints. These events give pride of place to parades of the living dead, macabre disguises and face painting of skulls.

As terrifying as it is fascinating, the skull fascinates humans, reminding them of the inevitability of death. The skull symbol has always been represented in religious art as much as in popular folklore. Today, the skull trend has gradually established itself in our daily lives through fashion, accessories, jewelry, tattoos.

The skull as makeup for Halloween has become essential. Skulls in bright colors, with floral patterns, with a glittery or phosphorescent appearance, with floral details … Halloween is the perfect opportunity for makeup artists to show the extent of their creativity and skull makeup takes on looks like works of art.

If you don’t feel like putting on a Halloween costume, bet on a face makeup scary and surprising. Follow our makeup tips!

# 1 Halloween inspiration: monochrome skull makeup

For Halloween, go for a monochrome skull look. It is one of the easiest Halloween makeups to duplicate. With a pale complexion and visible mandibles, you are sure to be a hit!

Our advice : to adopt this original makeup and keep a glamorous note, opt for a smoky eyes in brown tones. The eyebrows are also accentuated for intensify the gaze.

@yayashiyo – @_jessicamullen_

# 2 Halloween makeup inspiration: the glam ‘skull

For a chic cadaverous look, accentuate the hollows of your cheeks with the help of sequins and rhinestones. Let the artist in you speak and transform yourself into a glamourous skeleton. A bling-bling makeup that will not leave those around you unmoved!

Our advice : To go through with this skeleton-inspired makeup, consider coloring your hair with non-permanent hair colors. Blue, pink, gray … all hair fantasies are allowed for Halloween!

@mayalanemakeup – @ellycatt

@twistinbangs – @kati_powderbrush

# 3 Halloween makeup: bridal skull inspiration

What could be more morbid than a bride straight out of the cemetery? To wow your friends, opt for a bridal version of the skull makeup. We emphasize black and nude shades.

Our advice : after the makeup step, cover your head with a tulle train or a lace veil.

@makeupbyjupiterfalling – @ mariamalone1122

# 4 Makeup inspiration: a colorful skull for Halloween

For more fantasy, go for the colorful creature look. By playing on the contrasts and the lights, you will freeze the blood of all those who will meet your gaze. On the makeup side, play on your fantasy and opt for any color!

Our advice : To complete your Halloween creature costume from elsewhere, play the game to your fingertips! How about some horrific nail art?

@dixiewolff @ evasplace30

# 5 Gold skull makeup inspiration

What would skull makeup be without eye sockets carved out by dark colors? In contrast, highlight the bones of your skeleton with touches of gold. Several beauty options are available to you: a touch of golden make-up on the eyelid, or more subtly at the corner of the eye, golden eyebrows or even rhinestones affixed along the contours of the face.

Our advice : to help you, take inspiration from the contouring method to subtly sculpt your face and bring out the protruding side of the cheeks.

@imogenhearts – @jessdeny_


How to achieve a “Mexican skull” make-up?

For a chic version, your makeup can be inspired by the most beautiful mexican skulls, also called “Calavera” Where “Sugar skull“Dia de los Muertos” make-up is a huge hit on Instagram!

How to do a skull makeup in 4 steps?

  • Step 1 : First of all, apply a white base to give a pale side to the complexion.
  • 2nd step : Trace the outlines of the areas to be excavated using a greasy black pencil then fill them.
  • Step 3 : To hold your cream products, do not hesitate to powder them with black and white eye shadows depending on the area.
  • Step 4 : To make the whole thing more realistic, play with the shadows, which will give more depth to your work. To do this, you just have to degrade the contours made previously.

What do you think of this Halloween makeup? This kind of makeup tempts you, or you prefer to stay on the theme of the vampire or the clown?

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