Beyoncé: Madonna is a ‘masterpiece of genius’

Beyoncé paid homage to Madonna in a note thanking her for collaborating on a new "Break My Soul" remix, in which "Vogue" was woven into Bey's song. (Getty Images)

L.A, 2022-08-11 09:22:51. Beyoncé: Madonna is a ‘masterpiece of genius’

To loan the iconic tune from “Vogue” to Beyoncé’s new remix “Break My Soul”, Madonna (AKA Madge, Queen of Pop, Madame X, etc.) received a new title – a “genius masterpiece” bestowed upon her by Bee herself.

Beyoncé sent Madonna an appreciative letter of gratitude — as well as an adorable bouquet — days after releasing their collaboration on a new edition of “Break My Soul,” which weaves into “Vogue.” At the time of its release in 1990, “Vogue” was one of the first mainstream pop culture works to highlight elements of the queer, black, and Latino-led ballroom scene.

“Thank you, Queen,” Beyoncé’s message read, according to an Instagram story posted by Madonna on Tuesday. “I am so grateful to you. You have opened so many doors for so many women. You are a masterpiece genius.” (“Masterpiece genius” is a song from the third track of “Renaissance,” the instantly loved “Alien Superstar.”)

“Thank you for letting me sing in your song and thank you for naming the remix!!!!” Beyoncé wrote, referring to the official name of their “Break My Soul” collaboration – “The Queens Remix.”

In their remixes, Bey shouts out the artists who inspired her, including “Queen Mother Madonna” and her sister, Solange, as well as Lizzo, Grace Jones (twice!), Aaliyah, Aretha Franklin and fellow “Destiny’s Child” member and best friend Kelly Rowland. Beyoncé also nods to some of the legendary houses that have shaped ballroom culture, including the House of LaBeija and House of Xtravaganza, whose members helped instrument many of Beyoncé’s language renditions throughout the album.

Beyoncé honors LGBTQ artists across its “Renaissance,” and several black and trans musicians helped shape it, including DJ Honey Dijon, Big Freedia’s jump legend and late New York drag pioneer Moi Renee.

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