Blue mascara is making a comeback!

Blue mascara is making a comeback!

Blue mascara is making a comeback!

After having been a dazzling success in the 80s, the blue eyebrow mascara had for several decades disappeared from our makeup bags …

Good news for those nostalgic for this era and make-up addicts: this eye makeup is back for the end of 2017!

From navy blue to royal blue, blue mascara is available as you wish and is suitable for all iris colors. Another significant advantage: it would have a rejuvenating and anti-fatigue effect …

Here are our tips for surfing without missteping this trend to adopt urgently!

What color (s) to choose according to my eyes?

The advantage of brown eyes is that they can wear almost any shade. However, the electric blue mascara will make your eyes sparkle and suit you more.

For blue eyes, avoid tone on tone which could “flatten” the eye and try to focus on contrasts. Very light eyes can afford to combine a navy blue mascara, while deep blue eyes will adopt a turquoise shade instead.

In general, blue will bring out the white of the eye, for a more intense look. Note that black mascara tends to harden the features and eyes, while blue mascara is perfect for softening them.

Finally, for those who are more informed in terms of makeup, you can just as easily combine several colors of mascara (the ideal is nevertheless to limit yourself to two shades so as not to be too “clown”) by using for example a dark blue or black mascara at the base of the eyelashes then a lighter blue at the tip; or even apply a different color for the lower and upper lashes.

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What make-up to pair with a blue mascara?

For daytime makeup, the ideal is to opt for a fairly “light” final result: nude eyelids and a fresh, slightly pinkish complexion. However, if the urge to apply eye shadow is really itchy, it’s best to avoid tone-on-tone and go for contrasting shades. Finally, it is also possible to highlight your mascara, simply using a line of eyeliner.

For a more sophisticated evening make-up, you can opt for a smoky-eye or a blush to match the color of the blue of your mascara.

Regarding the mouth, day and night, we play it natural with a gloss or neutral lipstick, beige or pink.

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