Britney Spears’ husband Sam Asgari opens up in an interview

Britney Spears' husband Sam Asgari opens up in an interview

Paris, 2022-06-30 10:57:28. Britney Spears’ husband Sam Asgari opens up in an interview

Sam Asgari opened up about his marriage to “amazing” Britney Spears in his first interview since their June wedding.

The “Good Morning America” ​​actor appeared on Wednesday’s broadcast to promote his upcoming movie “Hot Seat.”

Naturally, the conversation turned to their last wedding.

“The husband’s thing hasn’t hit me yet,” Asghari said.

“We’re too late,” he said of their wedding. “We imagined this thing was a fairy tale, and it was. And we wanted to celebrate, you know, with our loved ones, our close loved ones. We just wanted to celebrate, and that’s what we did.”

Asghari credited his wife with helping to raise the bar for his acting career.

“I didn’t really even notice, you know – my wife, she gave me, such a wonderful platform to work with,” he said. “So I always appreciate it. And I’m always so grateful for that.”

“I don’t take any opportunity I was given, and I really try to stay positive in everything that’s going on,” Ashghari added.

The couple met on the set of Spears’ music video in 2016, got engaged in September 2021 and announced their pregnancy loss weeks before their marriage.

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