can we wear short hair?

can we wear short hair?

can we wear short hair?

If, like many curvy women, you also have a round face, then you are familiar with the difficulties of finding the right hairstyle for a round face! A cut that sublimates your face without weighing it down, feminine but not too complicated to manage on a daily basis – honestly, few people have the time to devote 30 minutes to their hairstyle in the morning – and above all, a hairstyle that you like. If, for a long time, we believed that it was absolutely necessary to wear long or shoulder-length hair when you have a round face, this is no longer necessarily true. First of all, because what goes to one woman will not necessarily go to another: and if you adopt a cut that you like, and in which you feel beautiful, this is what we will see above all. . Finally, because there are short haircuts that go well with round faces. Follow the guide !

What is a short haircut? This somewhat fuzzy term collects all cuts where your tips are above the chin. Between the chin and the shoulders, we talk about shoulder-length hair, and long hair from the shoulders. But you probably know it, it is better to be very precise in the terms you use, explaining your desires to the hairdresser, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and disappointments. Take the time to choose your cut: it is still a small commitment, your hair will not grow back 10 centimeters in a month. If you have any doubts, it is best to go to a hairstylist, who will be able to guide you and help you choose the cut that will best suit your face.

Hairstyle for round face: can we wear a real square?

If you want to free your neck by adopting a real bob, it is quite possible. However, use a few tips to lighten your face, for example by slightly tapering your bangs asymmetrically: the angles thus created bring structure to your face, and add softness to the square, which allows you to avoid the “helmet” effect. If you don’t want to taper your hair too much, another tip is to do a light balayage to bring some life to your cut – and this is all the more important if you have thin hair, which naturally lacks volume.

What if I want to try an even shorter hairstyle for round face?

It’s up to you: if you cut your hair to save time, the very short cut may not be for you! Here again, it’s about balancing the curves of your face by creating a slightly asymmetrical cut, and with a certain volume: no question of sporting raplapla hair. Wearing a short haircut draws attention to your face: here more than ever, you will have to wear flawless and feminine makeup, no slackness possible.

A pretty short cut with volume and a few swept strands: a very feminine result that is easy to style every day.

The boyish cut: a hairstyle for a round face to ban?

This is a remark we often hear. Of course, you have to assume if you cut your hair very short, and it is not within everyone’s reach! But if you feel like it, we recommend that you try. Whether you have frizzy or thinner hair, the result can be very trendy and feminine: the trick is to know how to combine it with feminine looks, and to avoid the jean-basket to go with it.

English blogger Arched Eyebrow has perfectly integrated the short cut into her sharp looks, and we love it!

In short: if you feel like it, nothing should prevent you from adopting the short haircut! Just think about choosing it well, according to your style, and your ability to maintain it: to be on top, it needs to be regularly maintained at the hairdresser. Have you already taken the plunge? Or will the short haircut not go through you?

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