Clerks Jay, Silent Bob, Dante, Randal and Elias to appear at Calgary Expo

Clerks Jay, Silent Bob, Dante, Randal and Elias to appear at Calgary Expo

Paris, 2022-01-12 12:00:00. Clerks Jay, Silent Bob, Dante, Randal and Elias to appear at Calgary Expo

He wasn’t supposed to be there that day, but Dante Hicks is being He’s supposed to be at the Calgary Expo this year, along with Randall Greaves, Elias and, of course, Jay and Silent Bob.

Characters in the 1994 cult movie clerksDante – played by Brian O’Loran – works at a KwikStop grocery store, and his best friend Randall – played by Jeff Anderson – works at the video rental store next door.

Jay and Silent Bob, played by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith (who wrote and directed clerks Chain) A pair of hapless pot merchants who spend their days lounging in front of the shops. Elias – played by Trevor Firman – appears in second clerks As an employee of Mooby’s, a fast food restaurant in the View Askewniverse where Dante and Randal get jobs after a fire that destroyed video and convenience stores.

This year the group will gather at a series of exhibitions in Canada and the United States, and the group will be in person and available for photos with fans for the first time in a decade. Actors will also appear on stage in live Q&A panels and personal autographs.

Smith and Mewes will also appear on stage at a separately booked live event called Jay and Silent Pop Show Comedy show for one night only on Saturday evening.

The 15th Anniversary of the Calgary Fair runs April 21-24 at Stampede Park and early bird tickets will be available through January 19.

An official at the Calgary Expo said they are confident the event will continue, despite the current high numbers of COVID-19 cases.

In addition to Clerks, Smith has written and directed blockbuster films such as MalratsAnd chasing amyAnd creedAnd Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back And red country.

He also appeared in Mewes, who has appeared as Jay in many of Smith’s films Poly Shore DeadAnd to biteAnd same hateAnd silent but killer And Hawaii Five 0.

O’Halloran made his film debut in Clerks and, like Mewes, has appeared in several Smith productions, including Mallrats, chase Amy and Dogma.

Anderson appeared as Randall in clerks, second clerks A TV series based on the movie. He also had roles in Smith creed was seen in Star Wars: Clone Wars series. He directed, wrote and starred in the 2002 film Now you know.

They join previously announced Calgary Expo guest Ming-Na Wen (Boba Fett Book, Mulan, Shield Agents)

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