Dare the maxi bun for a successful evening look

Dare the maxi bun for a successful evening look

Dare the maxi bun for a successful evening look

We often give advice on evening wear but little on the hairstyles and accessories that can be adopted to finalize your look. Casually, a well done hairstyle can make the difference in your look and give all the necessary cachet to your outfit. The maxi bun, ball bun or maxi bun is a hairstyle that is simple to achieve and which can suit all of us, with explanations and demonstration videos to support it.

It’s been some time that the maxi bun has found its audience, the shops are multiplying the accessories to easily achieve at home. It must be said that the maxi bun has been brought to the fore thanks to celebrities like the singer Adele who is a fan of it. She very often uses this hairstyle which is both simple and elegant at the same time to give a very chic tone to her outfits.

Maxi chignon from Adele – Rolling in the deep clip

Does the maxi bun suit all types of faces?

If you have a round face, the bun that best suits your face will be a banana bun that will lengthen your face. If you still want to test the ball bun or maxi bun, you can but let a few strands fall down your face to counterbalance the round effect of this hairstyle.

If you have a square face, take advantage of the roundness of the ball bun to balance your face. The ball bun will be perfect for this type of body type.

If you have an oval face, you are lucky and can afford all the buns: ball, banana, dancer, opera … put no limit to your imagination.

How to make a maxi bun with long hair?

The advantage is that you already have enough hair to make a nice bun. Afterwards, the techniques can vary but fundamentally if you want to have a uniform and harmonious result you can use a donut or a sock (more economical system D). Above you will find a video showing you the technique to adopt using a donut.

How to make a maxi bun with short hair?

Rest assured, if you have short hair there are some simple techniques that will allow you to make a maxi bun. On the other hand, even if your hair is short, you must be able to make a ponytail and have a minimum of length in order to be able to style your hair. Above you will find all the advice to make a maxi bun in two steps three movements.

Asos very large bun donut, € 11.24 on Asos.fr

You can find hair accessories on the Asos website. Moreover, you will find giant donuts as above because it is not easy to find in store. Now all you have to do is give it a try to get the hang of it!

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