Dare to make a beauty appointment in just a few clicks!

Dare to make a beauty appointment in just a few clicks!

Dare to make a beauty appointment in just a few clicks!

We don’t know about you, but we have the annoying tendency to want to get an appointment with the hairdresser immediately after seeing how much our haircut needs to be refreshed. And that’s without counting on our feet which would really need a pedicure or our semi-permanent which would need to be renewed…

Rather than spending hours calling beauty salons and barbershops, we’ve found the ultimate pre-holiday tip: Planity.com. You’ve never heard of it ? Well, this French start-up bringing together more than 15,000 beauty professionals is likely to upset your daily life…

Planity: how does it work?

Book your beauty treatments where we want and when we want, the dream is not it? Problem: we are in the open space or out and about and we frankly don’t want all our colleagues to know, or time is sorely lacking. And frankly, hiding in the toilet to make a phone call is good only when you’re 14!

The solution ? The Planity appointment booking platform, entirely dedicated to beauty and well-being and created in 2017 by 3 young visionary entrepreneurs. More than 15,000 French beauty professionals are gathered there If you know the name of the salon or institute, just enter it to see the available time slots. And if we don’t really know where to go, just enter the city and the type of care you are looking for to see all available slots in the area.

We told you: it’s magic! Same thing if you want to check the slots at 7 a.m. during your metro journey when your lounge only opens at 10 a.m., just log on to Planity. And if you want a little massage after work, the appointment will be made in one click. No more constraints related to opening hours ; this is also the strength of Planity: meet an immediate need.

Likewise, if you have a last-minute surprise, you no longer need to call your hairdresser to apologize and ask for another appointment. You can cancel the service yourself at any time on the application and resume a new appointment on a date that suits you better.. And if you are a linnet and have forgotten your diary: Planity notifies you the day before your appointment with an SMS reminder. We can only confirm!

Time saving and accessibility everywhere in France

What’s worse than a beautician or a hairdresser who has to stop every 5 minutes in the middle of your brushing to answer the phone? And this is all the more true during the Christmas holidays when everyone wants to redo their color, refresh their bangs or cut their ends. Thanks to this type of application, the life of salons is simplified, the schedule is better managed and the professionals are 100% present for their clients..

And if you are afraid of missing information on the service, know that it is detailed and also includes the price. You will also find the opinion of customers who have tested it. And of course you can even choose the person who will perform the treatment. Rather practical when you have your favorite beautician or hairdresser!

Of course, you can choose your beauty professional according to your GPS position but also your budget. We assure you: Planity is our best pocket ally before the holidays and throughout the year ! Furthermore, the service is totally free. Enough to offer you all the beauty and well-being treatments you dream of without complicating your already overbooked agenda.

Gentlemen, don’t feel left out. Note that the platform also includes barbers. You will also find tattoo artists and some fitness services there. Everything you need to take care of yourself in one click! Want to try? Visit Planity.com or download the app!

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