‘Degrassi’ returns thanks to HBO Max

'Degrassi' returns thanks to HBO Max

Paris, 2022-01-13 15:30:45. ‘Degrassi’ returns thanks to HBO Max

TORONTO – The beloved Canadian teen drama “Degrassi” will return next year as a new one-hour TV series.

US streaming platform HBO Max says it’s green lit in the Toronto high school epic saga set to begin in the spring of 2023.

It has been described as an “evolution” of the “Degrassi” story that remains faithful to the original but “prepares fans for a journey into exciting new territory, both creatively and dramatically.”

The 10-episode season will be filmed in Toronto this summer and produced in partnership with Canadian production company WildBrain Ltd. , which owns the franchise rights.

Leading the series will be showrunners Lara Azopardi, known for work on the international series “Mary Kills People”, and Julia Cohen, who has worked on the CW teen drama “Riverdale.”

WildBrain says plans to make “Degrassi” available to Canadian viewers are still being worked out.

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