discover our products to strengthen and balance your scalp

discover our products to strengthen and balance your scalp

discover our products to strengthen and balance your scalp

Many of us have already suffered from hair loss: change of season, hormonal change, stress …
The causes of this scourge are many and varied. But don’t panic, there are many products available to help you overcome and prevent this problem. The DENSIPHYL anti-hair loss program from the PHYTODESS brand was created for this. We present it to you.

Who is DENSIPHYL for?

You know the adage “prevention is better than cure”. DENSIPHYL is not only for men and women who experience hair loss, this program is also for anyone who wants to prevent this problem. Do you feel that your hair is weakened and / or lacking in vitality? DENSIPHYL offers you a 3-step response to strengthen and balance your scalp.

Which products to use?

The DENSIPHYL program consists of a fortifying shampoo for weakened hair, an anti-hair loss concentrate fortifying thinning hair and a food supplement for hair and nails.

The DENSIPHYL program lasts 3 months. During this trimester, the weakened hair fortifying shampoo is to be used during each wash. Enriched with white caya extract and fortifying complex, this shampoo balances the scalp and provides it with essential nutrients. Thus, weakened hair regains tone and vitality, it is strengthened.

The anti-hair loss fortifying concentrate for thinning hair is to be applied ideally every evening during the 3 months. On dry or towel-dried hair, make 5 lines then apply 6 pressures on each of them and massage to distribute the product evenly. The non-greasy texture of this concentrate does not rinse, so do not wet the hair after application, otherwise the effects of the treatment will be canceled. We recommend using this concentrate in the evening in order to leave it on all night for maximum efficiency.
The results speak for themselves: after 2 months of use, more 5,220 hairs in the growth phase and more 15,660 hairs preserved *. After 2 months of use, 91% of people who tested it noticed a slowing down of their hair loss and 80% of them observed an increase in the speed of growth *. After 3 months of use, 81% of testers observed more coverage and less visible scalp. ** Hair and nail food supplement with minerals, brewer’s yeast, vitamins, amino acids and pumpkin seed oil. Rich in nutrients including zinc which contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails, this food supplement is the ideal ally of an anti hair loss program.

When to perform the DENSIPHYL program and for how long?

As explained above, the DENSIPHYL anti-hair loss program is a 3-month program. We recommend doing it once a year for prevention, in order to increase hair growth and protect it from falling out. This program can be renewed a second time in the year if necessary.

What to do at the end of this program?

To prolong the effects of the DENSIPHYL anti-hair loss program throughout the year, we recommend that you use once a week instead of your usual shampoo, TERRE PRECIEUSE PERLE deep cleansing treatment for scalps to revitalize . True beauty treatment for the scalp, PRECIOUS EARTH PEARL, a delicate alchemy between pearl extract, specific essential oils and white clay, helps to revitalize and cleanse the scalp and hair.

On a daily basis this time, we recommend the use of SPRAY WITH 10 MINERALS revitalizing treatment for fine and soft hair. Enriched with trace elements, vitamins and naturally remineralizing minerals, this residue-free spray brings strength and tone to the hair. Be careful, this spray is to be vaporized at the roots only, on dry or wet hair, massaging gently. Its formula consisting of seawater from the Bré archipelago

hat in Brittany, will bring you a feeling of freshness, while its brown algae extracts will tone the scalp.

* Clinical study carried out by phototrichogram on 42 people for 3 months – average values ‚Äč‚Äčestimated for hair lacking density. ** Use test carried out on 42 people over 3 months – self-assessment results.

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