‘Doctor. The Oz Show ends next month

'Doctor.  The Oz Show ends next month

New York, 2021-12-13 13:45:00. ‘Doctor. The Oz Show ends next month

NEW YORK – US Senate candidate Mehmet Oz will end his group talk show “Doctor Oz” next month, and producers will replace it with a cooking show featuring his daughter.

Sony Pictures Television said on Monday that the 13th season of “Doctor Oz” will air its last episode on January 14.

Cardiac surgeon and talk show host is nominated for the US Senate as a Pennsylvania Republican. Television stations in Philadelphia, New York and Cleveland seen in Pennsylvania had already halted broadcasts of “Dr. Oz,” fearing that the FCC’s “equal time” rules would allow competing candidates to seek similar airtime.

In many parts of the country, Dr. Oz will be replaced by The Good Dish, a mixed-cooking talk show where presenters Daphne Oz, Jill Simmons and Jamaica Pessoa will present the dish of the day. The producers boasted that it would be “the most fun you can have in the kitchen without having to wash the dishes.”

The show is the fruit of a weekly segment on “Doctor Oz,” much like the Oz TV career that got an early boost from Oprah Winfrey.

Sony said it has commitments to broadcast “The Good Dish” on stations that represent 90% of the country’s population.

Sony said “The Good Dish” will start on January 17.

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