Does clopidogrel affect the kidneys?

Does clopidogrel affect the kidneys?

Conclusions. In summary, among patients hospitalized with ACS and treated with clopidogrel, lower levels of kidney function were associated with a greater risk of death, hospitalization for AMI, and major bleeding.

Can I drink coffee with clopidogrel? These medications are used to slow blood clotting and include aspirin, clopidogrel (Plavix), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, and others), naproxen (Anaprox, Naprosyn, and others), enoxaparin (Lovenox), and more. Health experts advise caution when combining them with coffee, which can also slow blood clotting.

Consequently, Which is better aspirin or clopidogrel? Conclusions. Clopidogrel was as effective as aspirin for prevention of recurrent stroke in real‐world practice. However, the mortality rate was significantly higher in the clopidogrel than in the aspirin group.

Does clopidogrel affect the liver?

Liver damage is a rare side effect of clopidogrel. That is reversible in most cases. Considering the widespread use of this medication in cardiovascular diseases, the management of hepatotoxicity requires further meticulous investigation.

Is it OK to take clopidogrel every other day?

Conclusions: Long term dual anti-platelet therapy with aspirin 81 mg daily and clopidogrel 75 mg every other day beyond 12 months after PCI with DES may be a safe and efficacious cost-saving strategy to prevent VLST.

Likewise, What is the best time to take clopidogrel? You can take clopidogrel at whatever time of day you find easiest to remember, but take your doses at the same time of day each day. Most people prefer to take it in the morning, as they find this helps them to remember to take it regularly. You can take the tablet either before or after a meal.

What medications should not be taken with clopidogrel?

Clopidogrel may interact with other medications

  • Diabetes drug. In most cases, repaglinide should not be taken with clopidogrel.
  • Stomach acid drugs (proton pump inhibitors)
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Blood thinners.
  • Drugs used to treat depression.
  • Salicylates (aspirin)
  • Opioids.

What can you not do while on blood thinners? Because you are taking a blood thinner, you should try not to hurt yourself and cause bleeding. You need to be careful when you use knives, scissors, razors, or any sharp object that can make you bleed. You also need to avoid activities and sports that could cause injury. Swimming and walking are safe activities.

How long can you stay on clopidogrel?

The new recommendation is that after 12 months if there is no evidence of major bleeding or other problems with clopidogrel + aspirin, it is suggested you continue that therapy for an additional 18 months.

Can you have a stroke while on clopidogrel? Do not stop taking clopidogrel without talking to your doctor. If you stop taking clopidogrel, your blood will start clotting at the same rate as before you started taking it, usually within 5 days of stopping the medicine. This means you may be at increased risk of serious problems like heart attacks or strokes.

Can I take aspirin and clopidogrel together? The combination of aspirin and clopidogrel is not recommended for routine use for any longer than 12 months after the acute phase of myocardial infarction (MI), unless there are other indications to continue dual antiplatelet therapy, and the combination is usually recommended for a shorter duration after an ST-segment …

Can aspirin and clopidogrel be given together?

Dual therapy with aspirin and clopidogrel may prove effective at reduction of thromboembolic complications. However, the extent to which these two drugs interact may significantly increase the risk of bleeding in open surgery.

How long should you take clopidogrel for?

The optimal duration of dual antiplatelet therapy is not known; 12 months has been the commonly recommended duration. A recent large trial changed recommendations. Rates of stent thrombosis and death from stroke or heart attack were lower when the two meds were continued for 18 more months.

Can I take clopidogrel and atorvastatin at the same time? The investigators concluded that patients who took atorvastatin and clopidogrel together had almost a 2-fold—increased risk of major adverse events at 30 days compared with patients on clopidogrel alone.

Which is safer aspirin or clopidogrel?

Aspirin combined with the antiplatelet drug clopidogrel is no better than aspirin alone for stroke prevention in people with a history of lacunar strokes, and the combination carries a greater risk of gastrointestinal bleeding, according to results of a trial funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Do blood thinners shorten your life? They do not depend on or interfere with the blood’s natural clotting mechanism to be effective, so they can be used safely by people who are taking blood thinning medications. Blood thinning medications save lives.

What fruits should you avoid if you are on blood thinners?

Similar to leafy greens, grapefruit and grapefruit juice contain compounds that can offset the work of blood thinners. Eating grapefruit or drinking the juice can also lead to bleeding.

Do blood thinners weaken your immune system? A study led by researchers at the University of North Carolina indicates that a newly approved blood thinner that blocks a key component of the human blood clotting system may increase the risk and severity of certain viral infections, including flu and myocarditis, a viral infection of the heart and a significant …

Is isosorbide a blood thinner?

Isosorbide dinitrate is a nitrate that dilates (widens) blood vessels, making it easier for blood to flow through them and easier for the heart to pump.

What should you not take with clopidogrel? Clopidogrel may interact with other medications

  • Diabetes drug. In most cases, repaglinide should not be taken with clopidogrel.
  • Stomach acid drugs (proton pump inhibitors)
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Blood thinners.
  • Drugs used to treat depression.
  • Salicylates (aspirin)
  • Opioids.

Can you cut clopidogrel in half?

Finding the lowest effective dose for those patients could conceivably cut their bill in half. Major findings of the study show that: Half of patients taking clopidogrel were getting too little of the drug to prevent clotting most effectively.

Are you on clopidogrel for life? Treatment with clopidogrel is usually for life, unless there are any reported problems. In the UK, medicines must have a licence, also called a Marketing Authorisation (MA), before they are approved for treating patients.

Can clopidogrel cause brain bleeding?

Background-—Although clopidogrel reduces the incidence of atherothrombotic events, its use is associated with an increased risk of major bleeding. Cerebral microbleeds (CMBs) are indicative of subclinical microangiopathy in the brain and may prelude symptomatic intracerebral hemorrhage.

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