embrace the trend of the moment

embrace the trend of the moment

embrace the trend of the moment

After Caramel Brown, Hazelnut and Ash Blonde, here is the Mushroom Blond ! Understand in French a “blond mushroom”, since this coloring takes its name from cool shades of gray and brown that can be found on mushrooms. Overview of everything you need to know about this great hair color trend.

What is Mushroom Blond?

Mushroom Blond is a coloring technique that consists of keep the roots dark brown and lighten the lengths with ash blonde highlights. It therefore cools the color with beige and gray reflections that draw on the icy brown, just like the color of some mushrooms!

Mushroom Blond is a variation of Mushroom Brown, very trendy a few years ago. Between an ash blonde and an icy brown, Mushroom Blond is therefore a medium shade not quite blonde but not quite brown no more.

It will suit brunettes who wish to lighten their color, but also to blondes who want to carefully try a darker coloring.

This technique has found its place and has quickly become the trendiest shade of blonde and the most sought after on the internet in recent times!

What technique is used?

Now that we have succeeded in convincing you to fall for the Mushroom Blond, let’s talk practical!

To avoid disaster, it is imperative to go through a professional to get your Mushroom Blond.

Make an appointment at your DESSANGE colorist who following the consultation during which you explain your expectations, will help you determine the most natural final rendering according to your skin tone. It will also make sure that the transition between your current color and the one you want to adopt is smooth.

Just like a classic balayage, your DESSANGE expert will illuminate your hair with several shades of colors applied to all of your lengths. Be careful, the wicks are ashy if you don’t want to end up with a “blond” that is certainly just as pretty but more traditional.

If you are brunette, your colorist selects the top layers of your hair and lightens them. Your darker base color stays on the lower layers and allows your hair to retain relief.

The thinned strands are then nuanced in order to obtain a more ashy color.

For blondes or lighter shades of hair, it’s the other way around: the goal is to add darker tones to your hair in order to obtain a contrast between blond and brown, signature of Mushroom Blond. The upper strands are then ashed to get the cool shade.

Who is Mushroom Blond made for?

If you want to change your mind subtly or can’t decide between an ash blonde and a deep brown, fall for the Mushroom Blond, perfect balance of the two.

Mushroom Blond ranges from slightly dark ash blonde to deep cool brown. The advantage of Mushroom Blond is thatit adapts very easily to all skin tones and all hair colors.

However, this coloring tends to dull golden complexions and therefore goes much better with skin with cool undertones.

The mix of light and dark tones makes Mushroom Blond a very flattering coloring for all face shapes. Shades of ash blonde capture the sun and give the face a luminous, lifted complexion. Darker tones give dimension and accentuate the features of the face.

Regarding the nature of your hair, don’t worry either! Whether straight, curly or curly, you can adopt the Mushroom Blond. In addition, the multidimensional aspect created by the contrast between light shades and darker shades gives each type of hair a effect of thickness and flexibility. However, beware of very fine or weakened hair by past colorings. Mushroom Blond remains a color and can therefore dry out already sensitized hair.

Unlike Tie and Dye, Mushroom Blond adapts to all lengths of hair, even the shortest.

What maintenance for Mushroom Blond?

As with any coloring technique, Mushroom Blond tends to weaken the hair fiber. To avoid ending up with hair that has a texture comparable to straw, consider pampering it.

To do this, carry out at least once a week a mask for colored hair to deeply hydrate your hair and take care of your coloring.

Warning : the cold shades of Mushroom Blond can turn or turn yellow, especially because of pollution, UV exposure or tobacco. To avoid this type of inconvenience, remember to use once a week or every two weeks, an anti-yellowing shampoo. This will allow neutralize yellow or orange reflections that blond hair can have, thanks to the pigments present in this shampoo.

Mushroom Blond is the perfect hair color for those on a budget or for the laziest of us. Indeed, thanks to its dark root effect, no need to make an appointment every month with your colourist: uonly retouching every 4 to 6 months is sufficient.

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