Ester Exposito’s Twisted Bun

Ester Exposito’s Twisted Bun

Ester Exposito’s Twisted Bun

If you are a fan of the Spanish series “Elite” available on Netflix, the name and face of Ester Exposito are not unknown to you! The 21-year-old rising actress has one of the main roles there. Back on his red carpet look and his tie signed Javier Palacio for DESSANGE.

Discover the steps below to reproduce this elegant bun at home:

Step 1 :

Make a brushing in order to perfectly smooth the whole of the hair. To ensure perfect straightening, spray the Thermo-active Smoothing Spray evenly over the lengths before styling.

2nd step :

Gather all of your hair back to form a ponytail at the ears. Pull your hair tight to make sure it stays smooth. Tie them with a thin elastic. To fight against possible small frizz that would counter the desired smooth effect, apply a knob of Mattifying Shaping Cream to unruly strands.

Step 3:

Twist your ponytail along its entire length and then wrap it around its base, making sure to let the tip of the tail protrude outward.

Step 4:

Secure the twist by placing snow pins all around the attachment. To finish, spray a cloud of natural fixing hairspray over the entire hairstyle to ensure optimal support.

Photos: © Yan Maisani

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