Everything you need to know about caramel balayage

Everything you need to know about caramel balayage

Everything you need to know about caramel balayage

In winter, dark hair seeks maximum relief, shine and personality. This is the perfect time to fall for the caramel balayage. Trendy and very warm, this coloring technique instantly warms up the original color while offering a very natural rendering. Whatever your color, from dark chestnut to intense black, discover all the secrets of this very elegant and perfect coloring for this season.

Caramel balayage, for which hair colors?

Sweeping is partial hair coloring which consists in giving the illusion of hair with volume to golden, copper or hazelnut reflections. The sweeping technique therefore makes it possible to lighten or subtly darken the hair without going through total coloring.

If you go for the caramel balayage, it is safer to go to your DESSANGE lounge for your hairdresser to take care of your hair. This will bleach thin strands that are slightly lighter so that they blend naturally into your hair.

Contrary to popular belief, blondes aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the highlights of balayage. Indeed, brunettes can create warmer and more intense undertones and thus bring contrast to their hair thanks to the caramel balayage. The latter brings a real boost to the hair by varying the tones from neutral beige blonde to delicate amber, including intense orange.

No matter which predominant shade you choose, a caramel sweep immediately brings light and shine to hairs. The advantage of caramel balayage is that the hairdresser can very easily intensify the highlights and contrasts by varying the saturation of the color.

This sweep is particularly suitable for dark skin, to which it brings a lot of softness.

Caramel balayage on brown hair

If you find your brown hair a bit bland, dull, and featureless, you can warm up your natural color with the luscious highlights of a caramel balayage. This scan allows you to do not stray too far from your natural color while adding shine by subtly imitating the reflections of the sun.

If you want a more contrasting result, opt for an intense caramel which approaches a cinnamon color a little more orange than golden. For a natural look, try to stay just one to two tones below your base color.

While the warm tones of a caramel balayage are perfect for brunettes with tanned skin, fair skin can also succumb to this coloring. The result is then closer to intense red than bright brown. The caramel sweep allows you to warm up your complexion thanks to the caramel wicks. It is therefore an ideal coloring technique for winter or if you find your complexion dull.

If you want to enhance your face, you can ask your hairdresser to achieve a hair contour. It will then frame your face with a few lighter strands and will blend this color on the rest of your hair.

Caramel balayage on black hair

Black hair can sometimes have a hard time creating intense highlights. In this case, the caramel balayage is ideal for giving a natural boost to these monochrome locks.

To achieve a caramel balayage on black hair, your hairdresser will, on the other hand, need to discolour some strands. It will nuance as much as possible with a caramel approaching honey. If you wish, it can also create intense chocolate highlights for an even richer and more original result.

Caramel balayage on light brown hair

Caramel balayage isn’t just for dark hair. Its nuances allowadd dimension to light brown or dark blonde hair. Unlike dark hair, lighter locks can totally afford to stay close to their original color and just achieve a subtle, more autumnal contrast.

To do this, ask your DESSANGE expert to mix blond, beige and honey tones in order to create as many reflections as possible.

To accentuate the effect of your caramel balayage even more, curl your hair or braid it.

What types of hair are suitable for caramel balayage?

The caramel balayage will enhance all hair types and hairstyles. However, it is on long hair that it will have the most effect.

You can make your hair color darker or lighter. With a caramel sweep, fine hair will gain movement, volume, and will appear less flat. THECurly or frizzy hair will appear deeper and shinier.

Balayage or caramel highlights, what to choose?

To restore shine to dull hair without completely altering your natural color, you can opt for balayage or highlights.

These two techniques make it possible to obtain a highlighted effect for support your natural hair color without distorting it. If these two techniques are often combined, they differ on certain points and offer a fundamentally different result and maintenance.

Sweeping consists above all in bringing luminosity to your hair and allows to blend the colors between them thanks to a coloring carried out on a selection of strands.

This coloring method is very popular with women who don’t have a lot of time for maintenance of their color because the color of the balayage blends very naturally with the original color. To refresh a caramel balayage, you will need to make an appointment with your hairdresser every 3 months or so.

The wicks as for them, are much more pronounced and thinner than a balayage. The goal is to create a much more visible contrast for even more reflections and movement.

They bring a very nice touch of color and brightness to the hair but require maintenance and regular touch-ups at his colorist to avoid demarcations and unsightly regrowth. Highlights are the ideal compromise between coloring and highlights.

How to maintain your caramel balayage?

Although lighter than total coloring of your hair, caramel balayage can still weaken the hair and temporarily modify the nature of the latter. So do not hesitate to constitute a real hair routine for colored and / or swept hair. Choose specially adapted products that will protect the hair fiber.

In order for your caramel balayage to last as long as possible, it is recommended that youadopt repigmenting care and care for colored hair at least once a week. Thanks to these treatments specially designed to fix the pigments, you will preserve as much as possible the shine of your balayage.

To keep your caramel sweeping glowing, consider make an appointment every 3 to 4 months with your DESSANGE hairdresser. We advise you not to exceed 3 sweeps per year in order to preserve your hair fiber and not to make your hair too porous.

If you want to light up your color this winter and take the plunge with caramel balayage, don’t hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice. He will be able to guide you as to the shade to choose according to your base color and your desires.

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