Fall-winter 2020/2021 collection

Fall-winter 2020/2021 collection

Fall-winter 2020/2021 collection

After the very cinematographic Black & White bias, DESSANGE chooses to raise the colors to reveal a new facet of her hairstyles. The opportunity to take a different approach to the sublime collection, in particular through the technical work in terms of coloring which offers a range of nuances and multiple reflections. This is how the DESSANGE woman reveals herself today: from all angles of her personality. The same cut, several character traits. And always the same desire, that of being yourself and sublimating your natural allure.


We cut short the received ideas to venture far from the classic lengths. This boyish XXS style with small, very tapered locks is made for bold heads who are not afraid to assert an offbeat style. Femininity and elegance do not necessarily depend on opulent hair. It’s all about impertinence. And that is chic.


For a wow-effect look that signs a sophisticated attitude but not stuffy. The high-perched ponytail * is the holy grail of girls who are both demanding (the hairstyle is perfect) as well as poetic (the lengths slide delicately on the shoulder or in the hollow of the back). As a bonus, this high and very sleek ponytail ** slims the face and makes a haughty head port.


The iconic short square takes shape here in an airy, light version, free from all constraints. The posture becomes absolutely charming. The seduction is natural, the small strands move around the face with each movement of the head. It is the dream cut of elusive souls, enchanted by the happiness of following their own instinct.


This other vision of the short bob is likely to appeal to well-assertive, even slightly cheeky minds. Behind ultra-structured lines, the modern and graphic cut is no less playful: it allows you to play with the gaze, constantly brushed against by very long straight bangs. The signature of a passionate woman.


Freed from any dictatorship of the smooth, the curls are finally worn more natural than ever. Even on short hair. The wild spirit that animates this cup brings it a breath of freedom quite in tune with the times. The style is impactful, the draw free and casual. Certainly those of a surprising character.


Season after season, the long XXL never runs out of steam. Shrewd characters know this well. Here revealed by an aerial styling where the majestic hair blooms in supple and delicate waves, the long sign a timeless allure. No frills, just shine and movement. And a degree of glamor that borders on the maximum.

Discover the new fall-winter 2020/2021 collection on www.dessange.com

*ponytail ** neat

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