Fall-winter 2021/2022 collection

Fall-winter 2021/2022 collection

Fall-winter 2021/2022 collection

At DESSANGE, all women are sources of inspiration and this new collection pays tribute to them. Women are brought to light through different stolen moments, they reveal themselves in different attitudes, which highlight their femininity in all simplicity. The work of the hair, always carried out through the excellence of DESSANGE know-how, is only thought to reveal a face, a personality, to sublimate a style, a woman. This trendy collection reflects with genius the eternal values ​​of DESSANGE: light sophistication, natural elegance, a touch of refined provocation, instinctive sensuality. For a more feminine look than ever!


The lengths come to flourish in a spirit both sophisticated and detached, which gives scope to the volume. The locks, always airy, are disintegrated by hand according to the desire for a style combining feminine and natural. Ultra luminous, the blond, obtained by the DESSANGE Balayage technique in the open air, thanks to its cold tones, reinforces the power of the styling. As for the eye-catching make-up, it is worked with the help of Deep green cream eye shadow and dresses the face with fatal charm.


The coveted nonchalant chic version. To play with the lengths without sacrificing them, the cut focuses on the frontal locks which thus come to dress the eyes. The ultra-well-groomed hair, with its dense and stylized material in large waves, offers balance and structure to the face regardless of its morphology. Structure reinforced by the delicately contrasted Californian Balayage: the light and refined lightening placed by touches brings a chic light in contact with the skin, like a natural effect created by the sun.


With this square, anything goes. Except boredom! Its correct length has been designed to be able to play with the material. The styling, while in motion, emphasizes a large frontal section that comes off to reinforce the character of the face. The asymmetry of the styling is boosted by the design of the DESSANGE Balayage: it gives the impression of a darker side to further blur the lines. Twisted by the coral red of ROUGE ARTIST ‘Orange couturier lip ink, the mouth hits the mark.


In these fluid and airy lines, the base of the legendary mullet cut emerges in the background. Revisited in a much softer style thanks to layered lengths that first hug the jawbones, then the shoulders, it flatters the face and brightens the silhouette. A stroke of genius: a Blond Solstice, chic and powerful, further elevates the femininity of the cut by several notches.


The tie that always gives style? The Bun. The idea is to appropriate it and vary the intention, as here where daring takes over: very high perched, the bun is formed just on the top of the head, almost at the edge of the forehead. And this is where the tips are positioned to draw a fringe, clearer thanks to the play of contrast of the balayage.


Even very short, a bob can remain soft and feminine. The proof: with its chiseled line just at the level of the jawbones, it frames the face with a nice fluidity. The hair is barely ironed. The middle line accentuates the blondness and gives way to a uniform and non-frozen result, while transparent, for an almost incendiary lightening under the impetus of the ultra-present lipstick.


The same short bob, the same straight lines, but a whole different style. The sides are placed behind the ears with the help of the mattifying modeling cream, which disciplines them in a natural effect. And it is a large lock, undulating under the effect of the waves created with the iron, which, tilted over the forehead and half of the face, gives the illusion of another cut. We play on the contrast of materials and the contrast of reflections. As for make-up, the eyes are soft, the mouth remains underlined with a bright red and the complexion, luminous, is unified thanks to the new tinted fluid with bare skin effect.

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