Fans are critical of Mario’s voice in the first Super Mario Bros. movie. tractor

The first trailer for `The Super Mario Bros. Movie`has dropped, and fans are excited for everything except for Chris Pratt`s vocal stylings as Mario. (Nintendo/Illumination)

Paris, 2022-10-06 19:54:07. Fans are critical of Mario’s voice in the first Super Mario Bros. movie. tractor

The first teaser trailer for the much-awaited movie Super Mario Bros movie It’s here – but the lack of Italian flair in Mario’s voice makes fans feel like they’ve just been hit by a Koopa shell.

Some fans even say the French dubbing of the trailer has a more subtle Mario voice.

Social media broke out on Thursday afternoon when a trailer for Super Mario Bros moviethe first theatrical film centered on the popular Nintendo franchise, was dropped by the animation studio Illumination.

After months of fans asking if American actor Chris Pratt could pull off the voice of Mario, the answer is here.

The trailer begins with a dramatic scene of Bowser – the iconic central villain of the Mario Bros. video game series. – Attack a kingdom of baby penguins and get the Super Star, a video game power that makes the player temporarily invincible.

Our hero, Mario, is presented with a series of musical notes familiar from video games, as he falls into a rich world of mushrooms.

But when Mario opens his mouth, the sound that comes out is not the distinct and exaggerated Italian accent that is known as the Mario brothers’ basic voice.

Instead, the two lines we hear Mario speak in the trailer look a lot like actor Chris Pratt’s regular voice, as many fans have noted.

“Jack Black kills it with his buggy while Chris Pratts Mario is literally…his natural voice…” one Twitter user wrote.

One tweet, which shared the French dubbing of the trailer, and which praised the vocal performance as “Mario Killer,” had more than 10,000 likes as of Thursday afternoon.

When Pratt’s selection was first announced a year ago, many fans were scratching their heads. The “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor is not known for his voice acting, nor is he Italian.

Charles Martinet, the voice actor who brought Mario to life in most video games, will appear in the film, but many still wonder why he wasn’t cast as Mario.

However, aside from some disagreement about Mario’s voice, fans seem excited, with many cheering the inclusion of the blue penguins first introduced in Super Mario 64 and praising the overall animation and world design.

“Chris Pratt’s voice is still annoying hearing it coming out of Mario but everything else in the Mario trailer sounded great,” Twitch Streamer Saberspark tweeted about the trailer. “I’m really excited to see this thing.”

The trailer also gave us a hint about Luigi running from skeletons in a creepy location, which means some of Luigi’s Mansion game design will be part of the movies.

The film is scheduled to be released in theaters on April 7.

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