First gray hair: what to do?

First gray hair: what to do?

First gray hair: what to do?

The appearance of white hair is a inevitable but quite natural phenomenon in the aging process and cell degeneration. While some are ready to assume them as soon as they point their noses, others are more reluctant. DESSANGE gives you its tips for camouflage white hair, but also for sublimate.

White hair, understanding the causes of canities

Although age has a lot to do with it, unfortunately that is not everything. Certain factors favor the appearance of gray hair. One of the best known being the stress. A disappointment or a big emotional shock can weaken your hair on several levels, and thus accelerate the appearance of gray hair. Hair bleaching can also be linked to poor lifestyle, To heredity, to repeated fatigue and / or at tobacco. The loss of natural color can also be due (more rarely) to a health problem more specific, such as anemia or thyroid dysfunction.

First gray hair: what to do?

Camouflage with styling tips

Generally, we first see the first white hairs arrive at the temples, before they come up to the top of the head. When these appear, it is easy to camouflage them using fringes or large locks. You can also use certain accessories like headbands to hide the gray hair present in this area.

Use a root touch-up spray

For roots that turn white, you can use a Root corrector treatment. Very easy to apply, they allow you to color gray hair in a very natural and temporary way, since the color disappears when shampooing.

Avoid aggravating factors

Easier said than done, but avoid elements that can accelerate the appearance of gray hair as much as possible. try eat healthy and limit alcohol and tobacco consumption as much as possible. If you have deficiencies, do not hesitate to take a course of vitamins or food supplements. Finally, rest and find a relaxing activity to unwind.

Find the perfect coloring to hide your gray hair

How to hide gray hair?

It all depends on your natural color and percentage of white hair but if there is very little, it is best to camouflage them with temporary or semi-permanent coloring. The more white hairs there are, the more permanent the coloring will be, with high oxidation. For blondes and other light bases, it is easier to cheat by melting white hair in a scanning or by lightening the base.

Enhance your white hair

More and more women decide to assume their white hair and we congratulate them! However, accepting them does not mean abandoning them and not taking care of them. You can decide to take on your new gray hair with a trendy haircut, nice makeup or accessories, your white hair can give you a more personalized look.
If you have a lot of white hair and make up most of your hair, you can revive and sublimate their radiance thanks to the shampoo and / or treatment Natural Pigma pure white. These will also allow neutralize yellow reflections possibly present. Indeed, your locks may have a tendency to yellow, weakened by the loss of melanin that accompanies the arrival of white hair. The latter are then more porous. The hair fiber becomes all the more sensitive to oxidation which can give these unwanted reflections.

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