Five cute hairstyles that are easy to do in less than five minutes

Five cute hairstyles that are easy to do in less than five minutes

Five cute hairstyles that are easy to do in less than five minutes

Every morning, it’s the same thing: we try on five different outfits, we put on makeup, but when the time comes to do our hair, it’s nothing! Lack of inspiration, time or material, any excuse is good not to do your hair – or almost. Whatever the nature (straight, wavy, frizzy), the thickness or the length of your hair, there are simple and very feminine solutions to style your hair in a few minutes in the morning. No need to do any hairdressing training, you just need to arm yourself with a few pins, rubber bands, a brush, hairspray and sometimes a curling iron. We propose to you 5 easy hairstyles to adopt every day!

Often neglected, the hairstyle is however the essential asset of your look, and is one of the details that can upset a very sober look, such as the choice of makeup, original accessories, or a worked varnish. The advantage is that creativity is key here: with a few simple accessories, you can vary your look every day. Whether you want to adopt a retro-glamorous look or just add a little fantasy to your everyday looks: let your imagination run wild.

Style easy hairstyles … with the right materials

A good worker has the right tools: well, when it comes to beauty, the same rule applies. All you need is a few basics: don’t hesitate to invest and especially to store them well, they are useful for you on a daily basis and above all, they last a long time.

– A good hairbrush (preferably natural, for example boar bristle)
– flat pins
– hair ties
– wavy pins (for buns)
– a detangling agent if necessary
– lacquer.
You can find most of these products in stores like Sephora, but of course you have to adapt to the needs of your hair – especially if you have frizzy hair, your hair needs special care.

From left to right: Curls Couture detangling treatment, John Frieda, € 9. Lot of 20 hair clips, simple Sephora, € 1.80. Boar brushing brush, Sephora, € 23. Strong anti-humidity fixing lacquer, John Frieda, € 11.50.

# 1 – a revisited banana bun

Credit: Refinery29

It’s a basic that you can easily revisit! If you have naturally thick hair, or with a certain volume, it is even better. Otherwise, you can use a specific densifying treatment to give your fine hair more substance, or back it up slightly (do not overdo it, it damages the hair enormously!). Part your hair into three sections, starting with a big bundle of hair to the side at eye level. Grab this strand, and twist it to the side, pulling tight and adding hair as you go. Secure a wick with a few pins, at ear height, then continue to twist it and secure it to the back of the skull. Reproduce the same on the other side of the head, and finally finish with the section on the top of your forehead. Wrap the remaining hair together to create a harmonious result. Attach as many pins as you deem useful, then secure everything with hairspray!

# 2 – A quick bun with no material (or almost)

For every morning when your hair simply decides to go to war with you, and not to take the shape you want … The bun is your best ally. Either with the help of a foam donut, which you can easily find, at H&M or Claire’s for example. Either with a good brush, or even … a sock! Follow the guide in video.

# 3 a braided crown


What could be more feminine than playing antique beauties with a pretty braided crown? No need to spend hours to have a nice result. Depending on the thickness and the amount of hair you have, you can adopt it in a “light” version like here, or braid your entire hair. It’s easy: part your hair into two quilts, or two strands if you don’t braid everything. Braid each set of hair separately, then bring it together on the top of your head, as if it were a headband! Secure everything with a few pins. For more glamor, you can wave the remaining lengths with a curling iron.

# 4 – a chic bun (great for thick hair)

This is the most incredible thing, and also the fastest that we have ever seen. An updo that just looks perfect, and takes exactly fifteen seconds to do. And maybe a rubber band, or even a few pins.

Make a mid-high ponytail, not too tight. With your fingers, create an opening between the hair, in the middle of the head, and slide the ponytail through it. You can fix everything with a few pins, or not, depending on the nature of your hair. And There you go !

# 5 – A goddess hairstyle with a headband

If you have shoulder length or long hair, it is very easy to style it up nicely with a headband. Depending on your desires, you can choose a simple, plain headband, or a more original model: adorned with flowers, spikes, colored braids … You can find them in all accessory stores, but also at at reasonable prices.

And you, what hairstyle have you tried? Do you have others to suggest to us?

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