Fringe missed? 9 easy hairstyles to hide it

Fringe missed?  9 easy hairstyles to hide it

Fringe missed? 9 easy hairstyles to hide it

Get bangs? It’s like a real impulse… An Instagram photo that inspires us, a girlfriend who takes the plunge… And that’s it, we feel our wings growing and we decide to grab a scissor or go to the.a The problem ? The result is not really up to our expectations… We already see ourselves having to stay cloistered at home and having to ask for sick leave so as not to go to the office… Don’t panic, it’s far from to be irremediable! The editorial staff shares 9 easy hairstyles and tips for hiding missed bangs. Ciao containment!

1 – Padded headband

The what ? The padded headband is a accessory that allows you to flatten your hair, on the same principle as the headband. We notice that it is increasingly sported by fashionistas, and for good reason. He has some arguments!

We like his little side “The Bridgerton Chronicle“. More often than not, it is moreover covered in velvet, quilted and thicker than its cousin the plastic headband. Perfect for hiding missed bangs!

2 – Wet look

The wet effect, you had to think about it! This is the perfect opportunity to wedge in the remains of your dead bangs. With the help of a wax or a gel, you can stylize your hairstyle and arrange the locks so that they fall nicely around your face. With the arrival of sunny days, this type of hairstyle will be quite suitable.

3 – Headband or scarf

How about adding a touch of pep? We love the idea of ​​hiding your bangs with a headband or a colorful scarf. If you choose it long, you can even decide to let its sides fall nicely. Especially if you have long hair and make a low ponytail for example. Know thatthere are dozens of tutorials on YouTube to teach you the different ways to tie a scarf around your head.

4 – Dutch Braids

A hairstyle particularly suitable for the summer season. Here we will come separate the hair in two and make two plaited braids with three branches, on either side of its parting in the middle. The fact that it is plated makes it possible tocatch all the locks, especially that of your failed bangs !

5 – Hair clip

The vintage wave is taking over the fashion sphere. And among his essential accessories : the hair clip! This falls more than well, since it easily allows you to hide missed bangs. Just clip the locks on each side of his head or on the top of the skull for example. Treat yourself and vary the colors and patterns!

6 – Braid Crown

A bohemian hairstyle that spring and summer bloom… The braid crown makes it possible to come and flatten the locks of the fringe in the crown. This hairstyle requires a bit of length, patience and above all some accessories like flat pliers. They will be used to maintain the whole all day. Do not hesitate to spray a little hairspray to consolidate everything. A truly stunning hairstyle!

7 – Half braided or loose brown

If the remains of your bangs are long, you will be able to come and wedge them in what is called a “half bun” or half-bun, in French. As you see in the photo below, it is a question of bringing together the locks from the top of his skull in a bun. You can choose to simply twist them in a big fabric scrunchie or braid the wick you are going to get. Hair at the bottom of the head is usually left loose.

8 – Sunglasses

We grant it to you, it’s not necessarily super practical, but it has a rather stylish side ! And what’s more, it will allow you to have access to your glasses as soon as the sun comes up. The trick is simple and old as the world: we come to wedge the locks of her bangs in her glasses, roughly in the middle of her skull.

9 – Cap

We end with the lazy trick… But nevertheless ultra stylish in this period when the cap is making a comeback… We choose a trendy model and we do not hesitate to wave our hair or, on the contrary, to smooth it. Ideal if you are used to sporting an urban and/or sporty chic look. Be careful, however, if you have an oily scalp, do not do it too often.

Last editorial tip? Patience ! The hair grows back, so your missed bangs will soon be just a bad memory… Continue to moisturize well and take care of your lengths. Massage and exfoliate your scalp to stimulate microcirculation and hair fiber growth.

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