Go from blond to red

Go from blond to red

Go from blond to red

This summer, why not opt ​​for a bolder color and go from blond to red ? Red is THE color of femme fatales : it restores confidence and leaves no one unmoved. But there is no question of launching yourself headlong into coloring, there is some things to know to go from blond to red ! DESSANGE tells you everything.

How to go from blond to red?

To go from blond to red, you have to undergo a coloring phase. No need for fading on the other hand. The red pigments attach very well to blond hair. For a Venetian red you can even just do a copper balayage..

Before taking the plunge, discuss it with your hairdresser, he will be able to direct you to the good shade of red according to your skin tone. Ideally, you should choose the shade closest to your natural color for a harmonious rendering.

Which red to choose?

Whether your hair is dark blonde or chestnut blonde, you can go from blond to red without risk. But beware, the shade of red should be carefully chosen depending on your skin tone and natural hair color. In general, red is especially suitable for light to golden skin tones, and warms dull complexions.

If you are blonde with light eyes, we advise you to opt for a rather soft red color. You can for example go from blond to Venetian blond for a more natural effect, since this one is halfway between a blond and a redhead.

Yes you are brunette, we recommend the nuances of auburn red, red and coppery to gain intensity.

If a red that is too frank scares you, you can go from blonde to red by pigmenting your natural color with intense highlights which will bring volume and light to your hair.

The Venetian red

The Venetian red is the middle ground between blond and red. This is also the lightest shade of red. It is recommended for light hair for which it will not be necessary to go through the discoloration box. Venetian red enhances very pale skin and goes perfectly with darker complexions.

Irish redhead

It is the ultimate roux, the carrot roux as some call it. This is a medium reddish orange. If it perfectly sublimates porcelain complexions, it does not go at all with tanned complexions.

The coppery red

The copper red is very easy to wear. The orange highlights are blended into a chestnut or brown base. Going from blond to coppery red will allow you to sport an intense but versatile coloring that you will never get tired of.

Mahogany red

As intense as the coppery red, with its orange and brown reflections, the mahogany red is distinguished by its flamboyant red reflections. Worn by daring women, mahogany red sublimates all skin tones.

The red flame

The red flame is distinguished by its incandescent reflections much more red than orange. Probably the flashiest shade of red and the less natural, it nevertheless brings a super glamorous femme fatale look with porcelain skins.

How to get a natural roux?

To go from blond to red without seeming to have left the colourist, we repeat: with each skin tone its red. It is therefore advisable to choose a shade of red close to your natural color.

How to protect the red from the sun and the swimming pool?

To wear a flamboyant red all summer long, you will need go on vacation prepared! Going from blond to red tires the hair and requires real maintenance. Keep in mind that UV rays from the sun and chlorine in the swimming pool damage even more hair fiber, making it rough and porous. The red, auburn and mahogany pigments of your red hair color then turn rosé and your red color loses intensity.

To avoid this, turn to sun protection capillaries which will protect your roux from the sun but also from chlorine or salt. These products, available as a cream or oil, should be applied as a sunscreen for the body: before, during and after sun exposure.

Back in the bathroom after a swim, make yourself a soft cleaning care to remove chlorine, salt and all residues from sun products.

Then rinse your hair with lukewarm or even cold water for the bravest. Cold water tightens the scales, makes the hair shine and adds shine to your coloring.

For even more protection, wear a straw hat in the hottest hours, especially if you’ve only recently switched to your new color.

What maintenance for red hair color?

For maintain your red hair color, use a shampoo for colored hair and take care of every week. Once or twice a week, alternate your shampoo for colored hair with a repigmenting shampoo so that your red coloring keeps all its intensity.

Hairdressers are unanimous: red hair is the most vulnerable and ask for a regular maintenance. So that your red hair color keeps its shine and does not turn yellow, more particularly use hair products enriched with red pigments, like henna.

Generally, coloring tires the hair fiber. Going from blond to red will therefore necessarily dry out your hair a little, which is why it is necessary to rregularly carry out moisturizing treatments.

At last, make an appointment at your hairdresser colorist DESSANGE every two months, to keep a vibrant color and hide regrowth.

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