Gradient square: the trend of the moment

Gradient square: the trend of the moment

Gradient square: the trend of the moment

If the bob remains one of the most requested cuts in the salon, this season one version stands out from the others: the layered bob. Ideal for adding volume to fine hair or for lightening curly hair, the gradient square flatters all faces. By shortening certain strands, this cut brings volume and dynamism to any bob.

What is a gradient square?

A degraded square is recognized by a square cut whose some wicks were cut shorter than others to bring movement and volume to the cut. The gradient bob can easily be adapted to the shape of the face by simply adjusting its length.

How to choose your layered square according to your hair type?

We no longer present the square cut. Although many criticize it for its somewhat strict look, this detail can easily be corrected with a few scissors, more or less degrading the cut in order toinfuse a little lightness and give it volume. But be careful, depending on the nature of the hair, they do not respond in the same way to the gradient.

The layered bob on fine hair

The layered seems to be the ideal solution for fine hair: it creates volume and thickness and therefore gives the illusion of a larger mass of hair. However, vigilance! We advise you to concentrate the gradient at the level of the roots or the covering strands, or to opt for a short or slightly plunging layered bob to create a natural volume. Be careful, the more the gradient starts from very high on the head, the more voluminous the result will be.

If you thin your cut too steep at the ends or strands that frame your face, you risk getting the opposite effect and ending up with thinning hair.

The layered bob on curly hair

Curly hair reacts very well to layering: the latter makes it possible to thin it out a little, to lighten them and structure them without suffocating the face. You therefore avoid the helmet effect of the square cut. For that, it will be necessary to degrade at the level of the tips and the locks which frame your face in order to obtain a controlled volume.

Gradient square, for which faces?

The advantage of the gradient square is thatit is very versatile and therefore suitable for all women. The only requirement is to adapt the length of the bob to the shape of his face. Women with round faces, for example, prefer squares just at the level of the shoulders and will appreciate the wavy.

The long layered bob is perfect for women with prominent facial ridges. The lengths allow them to be masked and then soften the face. For those who do not dare to pass the fateful course of the short haircut, the long layered bob is a good option to refresh a cut without shortening too much.

The shorter layered squares will be reserved for women with more elongated or oval faces.

How to style a gradient square?

To style your layered bob, you can work it by hand with a structuring product to obtain a little volume. If you prefer a slightly more worked look, you can styling your hair with heaters like a curling iron or a hair straightener.

For example, you can make a wavy effect that gives your square light waves, natural and very trendy. You can do this by simply spraying on a little Texturizing Water and gently rubbing your mane by hand.

If you want to give your gradient square a little more character, you can totally fall for bangs : with very tapered micro-bangs, XXL bangs that fall under the eyes, large lock, straight bangsā€¦ Anything goes with a layered bob. Simply tailor your bangs to the shape of your face.

How to accessorize a gradient square?

Accessories make it seem like a change of style every morning. More and more present, you will have no trouble getting your hands on an accessory that you like to decorate your gradient square. You can for example adopt the scarf: very fashionable at the moment, this versatile accessory dress a little flat hair and give it a little touch of dynamism.

If your lengths allow it, you can also get the hair accessory everyone is talking about this season: the big clip. This clip stuck to hairdressers and diverted for more aestheticism allows to bring his hair in an elegant way on the back of the head.

What color to choose with a gradient square?

To give even more movement to your gradient square, you can play with the colors of your hair. The sweeps will bring it a bit of light and a nice depth. If you are blonde, you can obviously go for Californian Balayage. Brunettes will be able to take the plunge with caramel balayage.

The most daring can try the trend of extremes: polar blond or ebony black. These colors offer a very assertive look that will not leave anyone indifferent.

How to take care of your degraded square?

Unlike the plunging square, the gradient square has the advantage of require very little maintenance, all the more so if you want it a little blurry. On the other hand, if you have a short bob or if you are used to wearing your hair straightened, we recommend that you go to a hairdressing salon every two to three months to refresh the cut and guarantee an impeccable layering. Know that the longer your square, the less maintenance it will require.

Also pay attention to the health and beauty of the hair. If you’ve taken the leap of color or are using heaters regularly, you’re going to need to take extra care of your hair. Unhealthy, dry and damaged hair in a short haircut is much easier to notice. Adapt your hair routine to your hair type and regularly apply nourishing masks.

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