Hair Care, an essential beauty ritual

Hair Care, an essential beauty ritual

Hair Care, an essential beauty ritual

Do not doubt it any longer, your charm asset is undeniably revealed through your hair! As winter approaches, let’s focus on one of the essential beauty secrets to enhance their radiance: hair care. Indeed, it’s not just your skin that needs to be pampered. Just like the body or the face, after a gentle cleansing, the hair needs to be hydrated and nourished. The power of the treatment is unparalleled to hydrate and restore all the shine to your hair instantly after your shampoo. DESSANGE reveals its secrets to you to choose a hair treatment adapted to each one.

Treatment by hair type

Caring for sensitive scalps

Whatever your hair type, it is above all necessary to favor a silicone-free hair treatment, which is less abrasive. Is your scalp particularly sensitive? Think of the incomparable softness of aloe vera for deep hydration. Our hypoallergenic Phytodess serum with aloe vera is an excellent beauty ally that will bring you all the comfort you need to face winter. You can also extend the use until summer to alleviate attacks due to sea bathing and sun.

Caring for dry and damaged hair

Is your hair losing its shine as the cold season approaches? Think of honey-based hair products: the countless virtues of honey on the hair are well established. Apply the care before shampoo Phytodess Honey and Everlasting Cream. Its intense nourishing action will give your hair vigor and shine thanks to beeswax and babassu oil with exceptional penetrating properties.

The care of oily hair

For a purification of the scalp, we will privilege the treatments based on green clay, having a great purifying property. Our Phytodess Malachite Precious Earths Deep Hair Wash provides the essential minerals of green clay, reinforced by a surfactant from shikakai, desert date and baby’s breath. A pure moment of delicacy to leave on your hair once a week instead of your usual shampoo.

Care by use

Daily care

Simple and quick gestures help to revive the radiance of the manes requiring the most attention. A new hair routine is sometimes enough to restore the strength and flexibility of the hair. Combine SEDUCTION BRILLANCE rinsing lotion with SEDUCTION BRILLANCE Detangling Cream and rediscover the benefits of Black Pearl and Amaranth Oil. Brighter and lighter, the hair gets a beauty every day!

In-depth treatment

Although care is recommended, if not essential to achieve healthy hair, the deep care should be applied once or twice a week, no more. Very moisturizing and revitalizing, it repairs the scaling of the hair and protects it from aggressions. Choose your ritual according to your desires and your habits, which is available at DESSANGE as a pre-shampoo balm as well as a nutritious mask.

Exceptional care

Sometimes, combining good hair habits with a product with ultra-repairing specificities gives a new boost to the general look of the hair. With the basic revitalizing treatment SUBLIME REPARATION, original beauty, refinement and voluptuousness will be your new watchwords! Apply the treatment before shampooing and let the black pearl, wheat peptides and rosebush oil act to bring incomparable softness to the touch.

Discover all of our hair care and hair mask lines to assert your style while enhancing your hair.

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