Hair color trends 2020

Hair color trends 2020

Hair color trends 2020

We advocate daring and eccentricity for this new year which is more colorful than ever! Fall and winter are good seasons to add a touch of cheerfulness to your hair. So, what could be better than to try a sparkling color to approach this new year?
DESSANGE takes stock of current and upcoming trends, for an ultra stylish look at the start of 2020!

The cherry red trend for a touch of sensuality

We assert ourselves and we dare. Make way for sustained coloring with an intense red, your seductive asset. Flamboyant red is a color suitable for all skin types and will enhance green or blue eyes. To maintain radiant color and lasting shine, opt for Ruby Reflections Color Perfecting Shampoo, perfectly suited to your shade.

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Pastel hair for an ounce of softness

Need serenity while varying the pleasures? It’s a powder pink that you will have to adopt! We have seen a lot of young celebrities trying their hand at the “pastel attitude” on pointe shoes. Let’s go further and extend these tones to all the hair! Be careful not to intensify the color too much, otherwise you will fall into the “unicorn addict attitude”. A soft tone will suit fair skin and eyes, but also brown and hazel eyes. Maintain your color regularly because it can quickly get overlooked if the roots become too visible. Blondes or brunettes, pastel is suitable for all bases. Do not hesitate to ask your DESSANGE hairdresser for advice on personalized morphology.

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Caramel tones for more indulgence

Scents of vanilla and hazelnut mixed with the heat of the fire, we focus on caramel tones that perfectly revive the shine of brown hair by bringing it unparalleled shine. Light skin will enhance this tone even more if it approaches copper, while mahogany tones will suit all skin tones.

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Chocolate brown for a touch of mystery

A sure bet, chocolate brown invites itself to adventurous and charismatic spirits. It is often likened to Mediterranean women with bewitching charisma. There is such a power of attraction in this coloring that it is more suitable for cold seasons, in order to intensify this aura of mystery that emanates from your beautiful hair. This color will work best on tanned skin. Indeed, the contrast may be too great for fair skin and can quickly give a tired complexion if the makeup is not perfect.

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Even though red is the dominant color in terms of trendy hair color for 2020, blonde and brown undertones seem to be endlessly available, whether using simple highlights or all over the hair.
Nothing is written in advance. Follow your desires and indulge yourself, but always with a professional, it’s safer!

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