Haircut for round face

Haircut for round face

Haircut for round face

On Ma Grande Taille, we often talk to you about fashion. Where to find your plus size clothes, how to wear them, etc. To show off, you also have to take care of yourself through makeup and hairstyle. Corn how to style your hair when you have a round face? The wrong hairstyle is likely to pack you down and make your face look rounder than it actually is. We have investigated to give you the 3 mistakes not to make for your haircut when you have a round face.

How do you know if you have a round face?

First of all, not all curvy women have round faces. If your cheeks are rather plump, there are no noticeable angles on your forehead or jaw, and your face is about as long as it is wide, then there is a good chance your face is round. It’s good news !

Round faces are very feminine, they give off an aura of softness and youth. Indeed, time marks much less round faces than others! Discover the 3 mistakes to avoid at all costs for a hairstyle suitable for your round face.

Mistake # 1 round face hairstyle: too rigid bangs

The first haircut that you should avoid at all costs is the straight bangs. Strict and too flat, it accentuates more the curves of your face and makes it appear heavy. The watchword to remember is that you need volume. We therefore avoid the straight fringe, the square to the chin, and we prefer an asymmetrical lock, which will give movement to your hair. We can however dare the short hair.

On the other hand, the asymmetrical wick will create angles that will balance the curves of your face. We also avoid too tight buns, which hide this wonderful asset that can be your hair. What we remember: you need volume and movement.

Mistake # 2: long, flat hair

We see many round-faced women who, for lack of inspiration, let their hair grow indefinitely. On round faces, long haircuts with a parting in the middle are really not advantageous : your hair shouldn’t be a curtain behind which you hide your round face! On the contrary, make it an asset that will enhance it.

We can rather balance round faces with a slightly plunging bob, with loose curls. This hairstyle is the perfect combination, because it offers volume and lightness: everything your round face needs!

Bottom line: you need a mid-length cut with movement, which can be provided by a gradient. The good fashion solution is to adopt a plunging bob, with the longest strands falling just below your jawline.

Mistake # 3: lack of care

Once you’ve found the fit that’s right for you, do you think you’ve done enough? This is the most common mistake and the most damaging to your look. Your hair needs to be groomed and maintained especially if you have fun with colors ! If your hair is frizzy or frizzy, it needs a lot of hydration: space it out and give it a mask, once or twice a week. You will then have beautiful curls, softer and better defined than before.

Also take care of your hair when styling. You can, for example, use the special John Frieda curl styling mousse.

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If, on the contrary, your hair is smooth, here are some simple steps to adopt to give it maximum volume: don’t wash it every day – straight or thin hair is often sensitive. Alternate your regular shampoo with a volumizing shampoo and prefer cold air drying, if your hair dryer has this option.

What we want is sparkle and volume like Oprah Winfrey. For your sophisticated hairstyles, do not hesitate to wear wide curls or backcomb your hair, to give a little boost to your natural volume. Do not overdo the backcombing, at the risk of styling your hair like your great-grandmother, and damaging your hair.

Summary of our advice:

Some hairstyle ideas for round face

To help you find the hairstyle for round face that you will like, here is a small video showing you dozens of examples:

Round bloggers can also inspire you. You are now ready to highlight your round face. All you have to do is find your hairdresser!

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