Hairdressing and aesthetics at home: top or flop?

Hairdressing and aesthetics at home: top or flop?

Hairdressing and aesthetics at home: top or flop?

Many are tempted one day to try hairdressing and aesthetics at home! It can be a special occasion like a wedding or just for your regular care.

Hairdressing and aesthetics at home: the services

Hairdressing at home has been around for many years! If brides often call on hairdressers at home to avoid adding stress on D-Day by having to travel; did you know that it is also possible to call on a hairdresser at home for your usual haircut?

Aesthetics also rub shoulders with appointments at home: hair removal, treatments and now the very widespread manicures are among the services available.

The benefits of hairdressing and aesthetic care at home

Many women are well aware that home hairdressing and aesthetics exist but do not always dare to take the plunge.

Fear of the result or lack of comfort, etc. Thanks to our small comparison you will be able to decide easily.

There are significant advantages to using a hairdresser, beautician and/or nail technician at home.

Time saving

First of all, you don’t need to move! When you are constantly in a race against the clock, this is a significant advantage. Especially when you have young children that it is not necessarily easy to take with you for intimate hair removal or a long time at the hairdresser.

At home your children can occupy themselves by playing or you can simply hold your appointment during the siesta to be quiet!

Attractive rates

You pay less. We are not going to hide the face, at present the budgets are tight and if we can manage to make some savings without depriving ourselves of the small pleasures of life it is a real asset.

Without dependent lease or running costs, the rates are affected and the bill is very light. Some examples :

  • Shampoo, haircut, brushing: around €40-50 in the salon; at home count 30-35 €
  • Highlights, color: minimum €70-80 in the salon; at home count 50-60 €
  • Waxing of the lips or eyebrows: around €15 in a salon; at home plan 5-7 €
  • Application of gel nails: minimum 70 € in institute; at home 50 €
  • etc

These prices are of course approximate, it all depends on the region in which you live and also on the brands.

Creating a relationship

Of course, when you always go to the same salon, a relationship of trust is also created over time. But at home it is even more the case!

Indeed, we are sure to always have to deal with the same person, unlike large salons or institutes which do not always allow you to choose the person who will take care of you.

This guarantees that you will not have any unpleasant surprises as to the service, which will always be identical.

In addition, the advice is really personalized because your hairdresser, beautician or nail technician knows you!

Possible disadvantages

These are not strictly speaking weak points but little things that you only benefit from in a salon or institute that you may miss at home.

The relaxation bubble

If you have children and you manage to schedule an appointment during the siesta, everything is fine. But if your child(ren) trudge(s) around you or constantly solicit(s) you during your appointment… Goodbye to your little moment of relaxation!

In short, if you want to enjoy a bubble of relaxation just for you, better keep your gremlins and go to a salon or institute.

Bonus Services

Some salons and institutes offer you bonuses such as massage chairs during the shampoo, scalp massage after the shampoo, etc.

In general at home this does not exist and if you want a coffee or a tea it is up to you to take care of it!

How do you get started?

If our little comparison has convinced you to take the plunge, you may still be wondering how to choose the right person.

Indeed, one can be pleasantly surprised as not appreciating at all the service or the contact with the speaker.

The best solution is still word of mouth! If some of your acquaintances use these services in your sector and are satisfied with them, do not hesitate to ask for contact details.

Otherwise, by looking at, you can view the various opinions of customers who have already tested the services offered.

Classified ads or, you just have to try! Given the favorable rates, the risk can easily be taken.

Ready to take the plunge and try hairdressing and aesthetics at home? Tell us !

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