Hairdressing trends 2018

Hairdressing trends 2018

Hairdressing trends 2018

For 2018, DESSANGE unveils its latest trends to keep you dazzling. Between long and short cuts, smooth or wavy, discover the trendy hairstyles in 2018!

Hairstyle trend 2018: between originality and classic

For this year 2018, the trend is modernity and originality, themes that highlight your hair whether short or long for a sublime and striking result! The short double-acting trend is one of the hairstyles for this new season. Characterized by a high cut with a longer top of the head and creatively chiseled slightly higher bangs, this hairstyle exudes originality and independence!

Double acting

The smooth bob is also one of the great classics which will always be trendy for 2018. Revisited to give a touch of modernity with its gradient of colors, it is an excellent choice to be fashionable while remaining in the codes of hairdressing elegant.

The right square

Hairstyle trend 2018: the wavy effect revisited

For longer cuts, the 2018 trends are also rich in novelties! After the wavy effect to give shape to your hair, discover our soft wavy trend, a mix between classic and modern. Smooth strands at the root then expertly wavy to give an ordered wavy effect, something to be trendy for 2018 while remaining in the most sophisticated!

Soft Wavy

The full wavy is also found in our other 2018 trends, available in several forms to play with other styles, such as curly hair. The desired effect is to give volume to your hair for a style oscillating between combed and slightly disheveled, to give the impression of having a dynamic and orderly cut.

Wavy lengths

DESSSANGE DESIRABLE: the 2018 collection

Whimsical and minimalist, exquisite and modern, mischievous and playful … The DESSANGE collection shows itself, in 2018 again, dazzling. The DESSANGE woman takes her style up a notch, invents sustainable fashion for herself, draws curved lines and a highly Desirable look. To move forward with casual optimism and authentic elegance.

Pure blonde, fluid cut, shine of materials… Absolute hair beauty. A hairstyle trend for 2018 not to be missed and to be adopted with the help of our hair care and makeup products!

Discover the DESIRABLE Winter makeup collection.

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