Hairdressing trends for the Fall-Winter 2019/2020 season

Hairdressing trends for the Fall-Winter 2019/2020 season

Hairdressing trends for the Fall-Winter 2019/2020 season

color, to highlight the essential: the hair. This season at DESSANGE, everything is thought to make it evolve, vibrate, even shake it up. Nothing is set in stone. The hair likes movement, and goes with delight from long to short, from hot to cold, from dark to light. Contrasts are king, as much in the coloring games as in the cutting work to stick to this timeless desire that all women have: to feel always better, always beautiful. An essential feeling too …

To approach the season without completely turning your back on the coming summer and giving your cut a modern touch, adopt full bangs with a frank gradient for a sophisticated look. The blond, achieved thanks to the Illumidess coloring, is unified and enriched with cold reflections: the solar nuances, which have become too summery, have disappeared. Styling remains natural, the lengths barely textured by a dab of DESSANGE thermo-active disciplining cream.

Always so desirable in its short version, the short autumnal bob becomes more voluminous. The lengths are cut straight to gain thickness, before being delicately chiseled thus creating a slight gradient for more freedom in styling. The Californian Balayage work imagined to enrich the color brings relief and depth to the roots. As a final touch: the hair is lightly disheveled on the fingers with DESSANGE Destructuring Styling Cream.

With a Court Rock ‘, you sign a strong identity posture, carried by a completely clear neck. Certain lengths, brought to the front of the face, wrap around the bangs to create an XXL lock which, if it hides the eyes a little, ultimately enhances the look. A few sprays of DESSANGE thermo-active texturizing water awakens the material and gives the roots a rounded shape.

To sublimate the hair in an ultra natural way, choose a romantic gradient, almost imperceptible. The straight lengths are cut straight to boost the thickness of the ends. Under the effect of applying natural hair extensions, the hair turns out to be even more generous. A light work with iron makes him gain an aerial movement. As for the chocolate, which gains in shine thanks to the henna, it oscillates between cold reflections and warm tones, which gives it a unique personality.

Do you dream of blond to soften the winter? Revisit your base with the new Chromadess coloring, which will then be meticulously worked in balayage to bring real lightening on the lengths. Warm shades and blonde highlights blend into the hair, creating a color that is both natural and glamorous. To preserve the softness, the gradient is accentuated on the front lengths and thus clears the face.

A desire to assert itself, revealed even more with a Court Chic. A radical transformation, which plays on the contrasts between a clear neck and an accentuated volume on the upper part and the forehead. The base of the hair is lightened thanks to a few golden locks which reinforce the relief of this very feminine cut. As a finish, DESSANGE mattifying modeling paste is applied in small strokes for a streak-by-strand effect.

As you will have noticed, there is something for everyone this season! The Fall-Winter 2019-2020 hairstyle trends allow you to indulge yourself whether you have long hair, short hair or a mid-length cut. Go to the DESSANGE salon closest to you to quickly adopt them and be the first to display the trends for the spring-summer 2019 season!

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