Hairstyle for short hair: trends 2021

Hairstyle for short hair: trends 2021

Hairstyle for short hair: trends 2021

The short haircut, have you ever thought about it? Assumed, daring and full of style, the short cut fascinates. And yet, among the many hairstyles for short hair, you have a hard time making up your mind. Before walking through the doors of your DESSANGE hairdressing salon, our experts suggest you take a tour of the 5 most trendy hairstyles for short hair of this season.

The short hair trend, for which woman?

Short cuts are plentiful and offer totally different results. It is therefore complicated to determine whether or not the short haircut may be right for you. Yet one theory says that short cuts further enhance small jaws. The distance between your earlobe and your chin should be less than 6 centimeters.

All this remains of course theoretical. With DESSANGE expertise and a pretty cut, short hairstyles can sublimate all women.

The 5 trending hairstyles for short hair

This season, we dare everything! From tousled to plated, through glamorous curls, all styles (or almost) are trendy … And that’s good. Let your personality express itself by testing these 5 hairstyles for short hair!

The tousled short

A too-styled short cut can quickly make you look (a little too) wise. If you want to tackle a slightly “badass” and daring cut, equip yourself with texturizing spray and your fingers to work your hair. Rule ? There are not any. The goal is to achieve an effect bordering on hopping out of bed. Play with the volumes as you see fit to highlight your facial features.

Glamorous curls

If you are used to the smooth and straight bob, let yourself be tempted by some waves. By curling your hair, you breathe a breath of freshness and renewal into it. Whatever your hair length, you just need to find the right technique to make your hair look curly.

You won’t be able to get the same quality and definition of curls on a bob as on a short pixie cut.. On the other hand, you can try your hand at waves. If they offer a slightly more bohemian look, they are not necessarily less glamorous.

The plated square

Fans of hairstyles for short hair know this: styling products are your best friends. They are real allies to vary styles and get beautiful hair shaping without the need for hair accessories.

To adopt the square bob, hairstyle for short hair very trendy this season, start with an impeccable smoothing. If your short hair is naturally curly, you can go to your DESSANGE hair salon and ask your dedicated expert to achieve a perfect straightening.

Then bring your hair and the small lengths to the back of the head with a comb. Apply your gel to fix your hair and you’re good to go.

The lengths should be straightened out enough to provide the desired style and your gel should be of quality to avoid the “cardboard hair” look.

The boyish with bangs

May the girls at the forefront of the trend rejoice. This season, two of the hottest hairstyles come together to become one: the boyish with bangs. Along with the fashion of the androgynous style, the hairdressing world has also seen some of its haircuts become masculine. If the bangs and the large locks are proudly enthroned on the long hair, they style the short hair today to bring them a zest of glamor and modernity.

The boyish cut with fringe, very similar to the Pixie cut, gives a look that could not be more trendy, almost playful to those who dare it. From the youngest to the oldest, all women can afford this hairstyle for short hair.

The side short hair

If the side hair is seen and seen again on women with long hair, it makes a sensational entry into the world of hairstyles for short hair. Couldn’t be more feminine, this look works much more easily on bob cut hair and requires the use of fixing products in order to maintain all the short lengths on one side of the head.

To bring even more glamor to this look, feel free to curl your hair first.

Why embrace the short hair trend?

While some people shudder at the mere mention of hairdressing scissors, others choose to cut their hair at every major stage of their life. A way of restarting from scratch, a risk-taking that forces the mind to move on or a way to regain power and reveal to the world his personality.

Hairstyles for short hair do not have any more proof to make and many women see it as a true affirmation of their femininity, a way of showing the absurdity of certain beauty dictates which still exist today and which define a woman by the length of her hair.

How to maintain your short hair?

The advantage of short hair is that you usually need less time and less product to take care of it. Indeed, freshly cut, your hair is unlikely to be split. In addition, their length allows you to do without a heating device.

For your daily routine, adopt silicone-free shampoo to get rid of impurities and residue left by styling products without weighing your hair down. If they are dry, do not skip the conditioner, but have a very light hand and stay away from the roots as much as possible so as not to lose volume.

Be careful, those who have fallen for the colorful short, or even the bleached short, will have to be extra vigilant to preserve the beauty of their hair and leave on moisturizing and nourishing treatments regularly in order to repair the damaged hair fiber and thus preserve a good mass of hair. .

Cobs often accompany short cuts when you wake up. Then to fight against these rebellious wicks, remember to moisten them enough before fixing them with a little hairspray.

When it comes to haircuts, short hair requires more frequent visits to the hairdresser. It’s up to you to judge when the cut loses movement and gets too long for your liking. Usually, it takes 4 weeks to refresh a short haircut.

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