Hairstyle trends: the bob is always attractive

Hairstyle trends: the bob is always attractive

Hairstyle trends: the bob is always attractive

Hair trends, the square remains THE must-have cut that all curves are snapping up. The most beautiful cuts to discover in pictures as well as our advice on how to adopt it when you have a round face.

The craze for the square does not seem ready to run out of steam

It has been several seasons since the square has made a triumphant return. No wonder then to find it again this year among the must hairstyle trends. Taylor Swift, Leïla Bekhti, Ellie Goulding, all the it girls of the moment have adopted it.

But they are not the only ones, from Tara Lynn to Ashley Graham via Denise Bidot, all of our plus size models are also doing it.

If Tara Lynn has been sporting a bob for a few months now, in recent weeks she has decided to revisit it by changing her hair color (she is now blonde) and wearing it longer with beautiful waves.

Ashley Graham she just took the plunge! The beautiful opted for a short plunging bob. Like Tara, Ashley chose the wavy style rather than the stiff one.

Gabi Fresh for her part wears the curly bob, and it suits her very, very well!

But the smooth square has not said its last word. Adèle has been wearing it wonderfully for some time now.

Finally, the fringe cut is also all the rage with our curvy women. We saw her on Precious Lee in particular.

Tips for a successful cut when you’re round

Do you also want to give in to one of the biggest hairstyle trends in 2016? Here are some tips to avoid the drama! A successful square is above all a square at the right length. When you have a round face with a double chin, you should avoid the square that is too short. Opt for a mid-length cut instead.

The style of the cut is also very important. The wavy style, for example, has the advantage of softening the face and keeping enough volume at the same time. Straight hair is not prohibited, but beware of the flat effect which does not highlight a plump face.

Fringe or not fringe, that is the question. If you like this style, no problem, there is bound to be a bang that suits your face, and your hairdresser will be able to help you choose the right one for you.

If you like to style your hair with the parting in the middle, be careful to take off the roots to avoid the raplapla side here too.

On the color side, go for one of the other major hairstyle trends: the shaded hair. This technique achieves both softness and sophistication. Balayage meanwhile will bring light to the hair. Ideal with a wavy cut.

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