Hairstyles trends 2015

Hairstyles trends 2015

Hairstyles trends 2015

In hairstyle as in ready-to-wear, fashion changes with each season. This year is the natural cuts and hairstyles are back both soft and sophisticated. The proof in pictures with our selection of trendy hairstyles for spring-summer 2015.

Trendy cuts in 2015

# 1 The long and natural bob

This year, the star of hairstyles is the bob. We wear it short or long, strict or slightly wavy but we adopt it with closed eyes. Those who would like to try everything squared keeping a little length can take an example from the beautiful Leïla Bekhti, who adopted the long and natural bob a few months ago. This week, it’s Kim Kardashian who got down to it by proudly posting her new bob on Instagram.

# 2 the bob

Jennifer Lawrence’s bob

The bob, it’s the other square cut very fashionable at the moment. Like Jennifer Lawrence, we opt for a bob at the chin and we always wear it blurry. We even offer ourselves a light sweep to bring some movement and depth to its new cut.

3 # long wavy hair trend

Joan Smalls wavy style

Long hair have not said their last word and this season they stay still and always trendy. This should reassure those who like to follow trends but who are not ready to sacrifice their lengths however. To keep up with the trend, we adopt the wavy style with slightly wavy lengths, always very natural, ideal for spring and summer.

Hair: trendy colors in 2015

# 1 The broux

The hubbub of Julianne Moore

You knew the bronde, contraction of brown and blonde, and this year the trend is au broux, contraction of brown and red. This color is ideal for all those who wish warm up their complexion a little but who do not want to radically change color.

# 2 the bronde

Kloe Kardashian’s bronde

This season again, bronde is in fashion. Rather intended for brunettes like Kloé Kardashian who want to lighten their lengths, the brunette is to be adopted urgently when you want to bring a little light to her hair and her face.

Trendy hairstyles in 2015

# 1 The side parting

Eva longoria

In association with the wavy trend, we adopt the parting on the side which brings this little sophisticated and chic side with long hair. We can also try the side parting with a bob style cut.

# 2 macaroons

The macaroons trend

Fashion is in the 1990s in ready-to-wear as in hairdressing this year. This is why we have seen stars blooming on the heads like Rihanna Where FKA Twigs multiple macaroons. Very fashionable this season, this hairstyle is not always easy to assume.

# 3 braids

The braids trend

In 2015, braids are trendy and are doing anyway. Single braid or multiple braids, sophisticated or natural, stuck to the skull or loose, we adopt them and we wear them as we please.

There you have it, you know everything about trendy hairstyles in 2015 … Want to change your mind?

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