Have beautiful hair, the novelties

Have beautiful hair, the novelties

Have beautiful hair, the novelties

After hours of lazing around on the beach, bathing in the sea and in the sun, our hair is rarely pretty at the start of the school year. But that’s not all, stress as well as pollution or a hormonal issue – like after giving birth – can put a strain on our hair! How to have beautiful hair? We tell you everything!

Density and volume with inexpensive professional products it is possible!

As soon as it comes to professional beauty products, we already know that the wallet will be expensive. And yet, for about a year there has been a great innovation for people who have a real worry of hair loss or very fine hair.

The solutions offered are effective and at such an affordable price that we can talk about them even on Instagram!


The new Cerafill range from Redken offers two cures to solve the problem of lack of density.

For fine hair without volume

This is the Cerafill range defy which is proposed to bring body and volume with very fine hair. It is composed of a shampoo, a conditioner and an aminexil-based spray which prevents hair loss and increases hair density.

For thinning hair

This is about a even more in-depth treatment thanks to the Cerafill range retaliase which is also composed of a shampoo, a conditioner and a serum based on stemoxydine which will stimulate the scalp and activate hair regrowth.

If a few years ago such a cure cost at least 150 € for a month, thanks to this new range proposed by Rekden, it is possible to have 3 months of cure for around 80 €. The ideal is to opt for a pack that contains shampoo, conditioner and special volume styling product. Dense FX. It is essential to add the spray separately defy or the serum retaliase depending on the treatment chosen.

In addition, do not hesitate to lighten the bill even more not to supply you to your hairdresser but to order your products online on sites specializing in destocking of professional hairdressing products or on Amazon.fr.

DIY to have beautiful hair for cheap!

The trend of DIY (editor’s note: Do It Yourself) has literally exploded for a few years! From cooking to decoration, fashion or beauty, everything is there! The web is full of advice and tutorials for doing things yourself.

The hairstyle is no exception to the rule and it is now quite easy to have beautiful hair without breaking the bank!

Dare the house cut

Adopting the square or the gradient without going through the hairdresser box is EASY:

Discover lots of tutorials for less than 3 € on cutadopters.com!

And if you’re a little afraid of going solo, you can even find some professional step-by-step cuts. All you need to do is entrust your head to a friend who is quite gifted with her 10 fingers!

For updos, braids and co ‘, do not hesitate to look for tutorials, the web is swarming!

Zero knots is possible

The hassle of long hair when you wake up can be definitely over with one simple trick. Tie your hair up in two loose braids before bed! In the morning no detangling chore and as a bonus a sexy and trendy “wavy” look.

Hand detox

Ultra easy and as old as the world, the detox gesture consists of brushing your hair 20 times above and below (upside down) to eliminate styling products and pollution from your mop.

Well, of course, you will need a little time, but the excuse of the small budget is over! You can absolutely have beautiful hair on the cheap!

You just need to adopt the make-up and varnish trends for the winter 2016 season to be on top of beauty.

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