Here are the trendy haircuts this fall / winter 2021/2022

Here are the trendy haircuts this fall / winter 2021/2022

Here are the trendy haircuts this fall / winter 2021/2022

Who says change of season, also says change of head! Do you want a more modern cut for fall / winter? Of a fringe? New coloring or streaks? The answer is yes, but you’re not sure what to choose? Do not panic ! The editorial team has made its little overview and shares with you the 7 most trendy haircuts of the season. Here’s what to collect a little inspiration before going to your hairdresser!

1 – XXL fringe

It is without question the super star of the season. We will see it everywhere! But beware of those who are fans of the mini bangs. This year, we like it XXL, even on his eyebrows (and not just above). Granted, it can be a bit complicated to see properly if you have fast growing hair. But rest assured, a quick visit to your hairdresser. and all that will be settled.

If you don’t like straight bangs, go for the asymmetrical bangs that adapts to all faces. And if you have a small forehead and an oval face, curtain bangs are definitely for you. At any rate, Preferably choose a hairdresser and visagiste and ask him for advice

2 – Short cuts

The spirit of long bohemian hair left free in the sandstone of the wind is well and truly behind us. This fall-winter, we want short and easy to style. Short bob, boyish cut, pixie cut … you can’t go wrong, provided you respect the shape of your face and your morphology. Here again, the advice of an expert is judicious.

3 – The boyish cut

A very assertive cut that sends a message of modernity and independence. Now is the time to dare this season! To give it even more style, we adopt it with a wet look thanks to a styling gel. Or we add accessories like a shell or one heart-catcher. We can also give it a more feminine side by adding a few tapered strands on the side.

4 – The ball cup

Do not play the astonished, you know however well that the vintage is ultra trendy on our clothes, our accessories and even our hair this year! The ball cut will go particularly to fine morphologies, because it gives a lot of volume on the upper body. Attention, if you decide to crack, it will imperatively arm yourself with a hair dryer and a round brush (and a little patience at first).

6 – The short square

It’s hard to tell you about the fall-winter 2021/2022 hairstyle trends without talking about the short bob. In recent years, he has come back to the forefront of the scene. This season is no exception. We still love the square for its modernity and ease of maintenance. We always look styled, even without doing anything! If you want to add some light, please feel free to make strands slightly lighter, for the most natural look possible.

7 – degraded hair

They have been shunned for some time for something smoother, now the gradient is back in fashion! The opportunity totaper your hair to give it more volume. And why not, of play with the light by making a few wicks. If you are not familiar with the technique, go to your hairdresser. It requires a certain know-how!

In view of these trends for fall-winter 2021/2022, just like fashion, hairstyle is finally an eternal restart … We also share with you the 7 hair colors that will be a sensation this fall-winter. We present to you our selection of green conditioners. And finally, we’re talking about mini braids, ultra trendy this fall-winter.

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