Here is the bluffing trick to make a fringe without cutting your hair

Here is the bluffing trick to make a fringe without cutting your hair

Here is the bluffing trick to make a fringe without cutting your hair

Getting a fringe, we’ve all more or less thought about it at least once in our lives. But from there to take the step… Getting a fringe is, in fact, quite radical. Not to mention the time it takes to grow back if you don’t like your new face. But what if we told you that there is a technique that does not require you to cut a single centimeter of your hair? The tip, posted by professional hairstylist Sarah Angius on Instagram, is already causing a huge buzz! We show you…

Test the bangs without committing

Hairdressing professionals told us a long time ago: the fringe will be the star of winter ! Straight, degraded, short, curtain, tapered… there are many possibilities. Only downside: it still requires a radical hair change. And since we’re not a computer keyboard, we can’t go back in one click if we don’t like it… A nasty manicure can be fixed in 3 strokes of solvents. A failed hairstyle is much more difficult to hide…

You dream of trying it without committing yourself ? The trick found by Sarah Angius, pro of express hairstyle tutorials on Instagram, will captivate you. With 3.8 million subscribers, the young woman is a size in the field. Posted on December 1, 2021, his Reels has been liked over 34,000 times. And we understand why sincehe teaches us how to make a fringe without scissors and without radical change of hairstyle. Brilliant, isn’t it?!

The technique for express bangs, without cutting

To perform this little magic trick, you don’t need an Elder wand. However, you will need a few flat pliers, a brush or a comb and a rubber band. Note that this trick is especially valid for women with long and medium-length hair since it leans on your lengths.

First start with take a thick lock of hair from the front of your skull. Like you actually want to get bangs. Tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail. Next, lift this wick entirely upwards and fold it in half using your finger. Smooth the bangs and position your ends as desired on your forehead.

Once you are satisfied with the result, slide flat pliers where your finger is. The goal is to flatten the wick well so that it lasts all day. All you have to do is hide the flat clips by lifting the rest of your hair into a bohemian bun! In two steps, three movements, you now have bangs. Of course, this requires your lengths and ends to be well maintained. Magic isn’t it?

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