here is the ultra simple trick to bring volume instantly

here is the ultra simple trick to bring volume instantly

here is the ultra simple trick to bring volume instantly

Volumizing spray, powder, mousse, care… the net is full of various and varied tricks to allow us to bring volume to our hair. Except that it has a certain cost and it takes a certain time. On her Instagram account, Australian hairstylist Emma Chen shared a tip that went viral within days. The concept ? Bring volume to your hair in 5 minutes and… only with the help of your fingers! Curious? We explain…

The hassle of fine hair when you dream of volume

It’s well known, we always dream of what we don’t have ! Curly mane, we dream of straight hair, smooth hair, we would like voluminous waves, short hair, we cross our fingers that they grow back quickly and are long… Same thing aesthetically.. Fine hair, we despair of having them so flattened, while voluminous hair would sometimes want to calm things down.

Today, the editorial focuses on people with thin hair who want to add some volume and structure to their hairstyle. We don’t all have the chance to sport Fran Fine’s mane in A Nanny from Hell! And, and beyond that, we do not all master the technique of creping Perfectly. It requires time, material and a certain helping hand.

Translation : we quickly fall back on the “easy” solutions. This notably involves chemical products such as foams, sprays or other treatments in the hairdressing salon. Problem : it’s neither good for the wallet nor for your hair. What if we gave them a little peace without giving up on adding volume? Don’t see the solution? Emma Chen found it!

Bring volume to your hair naturally: the brilliant tip of this Australian hairdresser

With her more than 320,000 subscribers on Instagram, Emma Chen makes reference figure in the world of Australian influencers. Passionate about hairdressing and makeup, she regularly shares ideas for looks and tips. Lately it’s a post about how tonaturally add volume to your hair which caught the attention of netizens. In just a few days, he already counts over 143,000 views ! And for good reason…

He us presents the “pinch hair” technique which we could translate as “hair pinching”in French. Bye bye heating appliances and other industrial cosmetics. To achieve it and give volume to your fine hair, you only need 5 minutes and your fingers ! How to go about it ?

1 – Start by pinching the 2 locks at the front of your head. This will bring the top closer together and allow the ends to spread apart.

2 – Perform the same movement on all your hair, always starting from the root. You can even pinch the strands at the cheekbones for a natural mini face lift.

3 – To help you maintain the volume obtained throughout the day, you can spray some hairsprayas shown in the video.

In two steps, three movements, you get a textured and structured hairstyle! This technique is as valid on mid-length hair as on long hair. It does not require three hours in the bathroom and you can easily repeat it during the day. All good, from root to tip!

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