how do i know what will suit me?

how do i know what will suit me?

how do i know what will suit me?

New year, new start. What if we materialized this desire for renewal by changing our look? Changing your hair color is already a good start, yes, but how do we know what will really suit us?

Changing hair color: fear of change

After years of dressing the same style or sporting the same hairstyle and hair color, we sometimes have want a little change.

What sometimes slows us down, however, is the fear of “failure”, it is the fear of regretting its cut and its previous look. We often prefer to skip our turn and postpone this big change until later.

However, change is good! With a new look we feel alive again, we regain self-confidence, we rediscover ourselves, we finally dare to realize our “look” fantasies that were dormant deep inside us. In short, we have fun and we especially wonder why we had not done it before! So this year, it’s decided, we don’t deprive ourselves anymore.

How to find the right color for you

Want to change your look ? Then start by changing your hair color. It’s easy and less risky a priori than a new haircut …

To find a color that will suit you every time, never lighten or darken your natural color by more than two tones. Nature is well done and your base color is what best matches your skin tone and your eyes. And by not straying too far from it, you will necessarily be on the right track.

For those who want a bigger change, it is according to the color of the skin and the color of the eyes that we will determine if the color will go or not. As a general rule, for example, we recommend against blonding on dark skin and brown on fair skin, the gap being too large and the vulgar side never being very far.

If a radical change still tickles you, then think about choose the reflections of your color. Avoid brown with too cold reflections on light skin and eyes, for example.

Tips for a successful transformation

To change your hair color without drama, try this first. Instead of giving you permanent color, prefer a temporary color which will fade from your hair in a few shampoos before switching to permanent. In the supermarket, then opt for colors of category I or II which designate temporary colorings.

To lighten your hair, avoid fading and gradually blonde by making streaks. Your hair will be less fragile and the roots will require less maintenance.

Want an original color, red, red or purple for example ? First, try a coloring close to your natural color but with mahogany or auburn highlights very pronounced which will allow you to test these tones more gradually.

Finally, if you find that your new hair color does not suit you so well, before changing it, try applying makeup to your eyebrows. that they match your coloring. It is indeed sometimes this difference in color between the eyebrows and the hair that can be a bit shocking.

You now have all the tips in your head, all you have to do is treat yourself. Ready to change your hairstyle?

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