How do you use truncheons in a sentence?

How do you use truncheons in a sentence?

Truncheon sentence example

Each man carried a rattle to attract attention and a short truncheon for self-protection. She never had a stick or a rubber truncheon . Blair Peach, a white teacher, killed by a police truncheon blow to the head.

How do you use odious in a sentence? Odious Sentence Examples

  1. He had to repay the odious debt to the Council.
  2. His attention turned to the odious favor.
  3. Occasionally they appear in odious positions.
  4. At Palermo the Sicilians struggled hard to establish a republic in place of the odious government of an alien dynasty.

Consequently, What does the word truncheons mean? 1a : a police officer’s billy club. b : baton sense 2. c obsolete : club, bludgeon. 2 : a shattered spear or lance. truncheon.

How do you use countenance in a sentence?

Countenance sentence example

  1. Be friendly with all and always have a smiling countenance .
  2. His countenance conveyed the possibility of error.
  3. One morning Roy entered the hut with a slow step and a sad countenance .
  4. The expression of the little girl’s countenance showed that she was perplexed.

What is a sentence for vapid?

Vapid sentence example

Nobody wants a university to be an educational factory which turns out mindless, dull, vapid , students. And I recently saw an interview with her and she came across as very vapid and artificial American.

Likewise, How do you use ambition in a sentence? To expect difficulties and force my way through them, to turn hard experiences into capital for future struggles.

  1. His greatest ambition is to sail round the globe.
  2. It had been her lifelong ambition.
  3. His ambition is to sail round the world.
  4. His burning ambition was to study medicine.
  5. She’s a woman of driving ambition.

How do you use good taste?

: proper and acceptable Some people felt that her behavior wasn’t in good taste.

How do you use trifle in a sentence? Trifle in a Sentence

  1. Jack was angered by his ex-wife’s attempt to trifle with him in front of their children.
  2. When the cat catches the mouse, it will trifle with it before ending its life.
  3. Because Kate is a mean older sister, she will often trifle with her younger siblings and make them cry for no reason at all.

What does the word crematory mean?

Definition of crematory

: a furnace for cremating also : a place where the bodies of the dead are cremated : crematorium …

What is a truncheon in 1984? truncheon. a short stout club used primarily by police officers. Even the streets leading up to its outer barriers were roamed by gorilla-faced guards in black uniforms, armed with jointed truncheons.

What is a police bat called? A baton (also known as a truncheon or nightstick) is a roughly cylindrical club made of wood, rubber, plastic, or metal. It is carried as a compliance tool and defensive weapon by law-enforcement officers, correctional staff, security guards and military personnel.

How do you use Infuse in a sentence?

Examples of infuse in a Sentence

He has found ways to infuse new energy into his performances. She has infused confidence into her followers. His work is infused with anger. The tea should be allowed to infuse for several minutes.

How do you say the word countenance?

What is a good countenance? It means “keeping your composure even though you’ve lost face” (i.e. not betraying your shame with your face or facial expression). Stiff upper lip and all that. It’s contrasting the literal and metaphorical meanings of countenance / face.

What does vapid girl mean?

: lacking flavor, zest, interest, animation, or spirit : flat, dull a gossipy, vapid woman, obsessed by her own elegance— R. F. Delderfield London was not all vapid dissipation— V. S. Pritchett.

What is vapid narcissist? 2 boring or dull; lifeless.

What is a vapid person?

If you describe someone or something as vapid, you are critical of them because they are dull and uninteresting. [disapproval] We idolize vapid celebrities. She made a vapid comment about the weather. Synonyms: dull, boring, insipid, flat More Synonyms of vapid.

What is a good sentence for the word ambitious? The company was created by two very ambitious young men in the early 1900s. This 500-page book is her most ambitious effort yet. Your plans for the future are very ambitious. It was too ambitious a task for just one person.

How do I say my ambition?

How to answer “What is your ambition in life?”

  1. Consider your goals.
  2. Determine room for growth.
  3. Keep it relevant to the position.
  4. Answer honestly.
  5. Incorporate your enthusiasm for the position.

What are ambitious words?

  • ardent,
  • avid,
  • eager,
  • energetic,
  • impassioned,
  • keen,
  • raring,
  • vigorous.

What is a person with good taste called?

aesthete. nounperson having great sensitivity to beauty. connoisseur. dilettante. esthete.

Does good taste exist? Good taste cannot be found in any standards or generalizations, and the validity of a judgement is not the general view of the majority or some specific social group. Taste is both personal and beyond reasoning, and therefore disputing over matters of taste never reaches any universality.

What does it mean when someone says you have good taste?

You have good taste’ means that you are reassuring someone that they are able to make good, wise and diligent choices. Your phrase means that this applies to their choices, in most things, although others have already pointed out the implications of the use of the indefinite article.

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