How to adopt the long square?

How to adopt the long square?

How to adopt the long square?

For years, the bob cut has been the most requested hairstyle in salons. If the very short bob has capsized the hearts of the most daring, the long square is still living its moment of glory. Cut at the collarbone, the lengths of this bob caress the shoulders. Whether we like it more or less straight, today’s long bob is easily available. Your DESSANGE hairdresser tells you everything about this square that enhances all faces.

What is the long square?

The long square is a variation of the square cut. It is characterized by a length which is at the level of the shoulders. This cut is practical and much more dynamic than the classic bob which is located just under the ears. The hair thus appears more voluminous and presents a nice fall.

The advantage of this long bob, or “long bob”, is that it allows you to tie your hair without difficulty. What’s more, it is easily adaptable and adapts to all facial morphologies. Then just adjust it to the shape of your face. It is therefore the ideal square for long hair who wish to cross the course of the short square little by little.

Far from being only a transitional cut, this variation of the bob is very trendy and appreciated by women for its ease of maintenance and its timelessness.

How to adopt the long square?

To adopt the long bob, nothing very complicated. No need for a brushing worked or a regular appointment with the hairdresser, the long bob is easy to wear. For a natural movement, we degrade it slightly or we twist it in a plunging square version.

In all cases, the long bob must be slightly plunging and layered in order to ensure a light and dynamic movement to your hair.

The long bob, for what face shape?

The long bob is a structured cut that can easily be adapted to all face shapes to perfectly emphasize its contours. Two totally different face shapes can therefore afford this ultra trendy haircut.

The long bob on a round face

In general, hairdressers tend to recommend medium-length haircuts for round faces. These will be more emphasized if the square is degraded. Tapered locks add volume above the head and help lengthen and refine the face. Round faces can also crack on a long strand or a slightly fuzzy parting on the side to accompany their square.

The long square on an oval face

Oval faces are the luckiest – they can afford almost any haircut, and the long bob is no exception. Indeed, this cut will highlight the regularity and harmony of this morphology. Lengths that barely fall over the shoulders will highlight the smoothness of the face. To enhance your long bob even more, you can associate it with a fringe or a parting in the middle.

The long bob on a square face

The long bob is ideal for a square face. Indeed, it allows to round the angular lines of your face, provided it is degraded and tapered. Otherwise, you risk highlighting the angles of your face. Go for the fuzzy waves to bring a very flattering movement to your face.

What type of hair for a long bob?

The long bob is ideal for soft hair, not too thick, not too straight or sparkling. Their movement and placement are natural without the need for brushing. If your hair is supple but fine, you will then need to accentuate the square a few centimeters at the tips, in order to keep the mass and lift the hair.

The long bob is, however, not recommended for thick or curly hair. On the other hand, it will be sublime and easy to maintain on wavy hair.

How to style a long bob?

The long bob is very versatile, it has the advantage of being long enough to be tied up and styled in a ponytail, braid or bun.

To give it a little volume, your long bob can be blurred with a wavy hair made using Texturizing Water and a curling iron. To keep your wavy hair light and soften your facial features, do not select locks of the same size. The lengths make the hair heavy enough to relax the curls and give you a very natural wavy.

The long bob on straight straight hair is easily achievable and therefore ideal for an everyday look. If you have thin hair and are worried about the lengths flattening it out, you can use styling products that add volume. For a night, adopt the “glass hair”: the hair is perfectly straightened, the line is drawn in the middle and no frizz is tolerated.

If you want your bob to remain silky, you will have to pay attention to the health of your hair. For that, start with you build a hair routine made up of treatments adapted to your hair type. If you regularly use heaters, protect your hair from the heat with the help of thermal protectants.

To enhance a long bob, you can use accessories such as headbands, scrunchies or barrettes.

On the color side, you can play on volumes and reflections with hair contouring to give relief. To bring more light to your hair, you can succumb to balayage, ombre hair or even tie and dye.

The long square grows back well, but after 3 or 4 months it is common to experience a feeling of triangle : the roots are flattened and the tips are heavy. It’s time to make an appointment in your DESSANGE hairdressing salon to redefine the structure of your square.

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