How to adopt the trend of the short square?

How to adopt the trend of the short square?

How to adopt the trend of the short square?

The short bob is an iconic cut. Cut just below the ears, it amazes by the encounter it creates between the “wise child” style and the extravagance of a short cut. Bold women who like to play their ultra-feminine side love it and they are right: the short bob reveals the hidden features of the face and is terribly trendy. DESSANGE takes you to discover the shortest of squares.

The short square, what is it?

The short square is a square cut very often at the edge of the ears or just below. The cheeks and jaw are therefore clear. Hairdressers recommend adopting the short bob on relatively fine and straight hair in order to obtain the airy and sexy effect and to avoid the helmet effect.

The different styles of short bobs

Popularized by Hollywood movie stars of the 1920s, the short bob quickly became a symbol of rebellion and the emancipation of women. If at first glance, this square does not seem to lend itself to different styles, there are actually different types of short squares to bring a breath of fresh air to your look this season.

The short plunging square

Long shunned and considered too old-fashioned, the plunging square is back in service. Short behind and long in front, this short bob is ideal for highlighting the shape of the face with minimal maintenance. It can be worn on straight hair for a very “femme fatale” look or on softer hair for a more trendy style.

The unstructured short bob

The unstructured square is less intense than a straight or plunging square and requires very little maintenance. It is therefore a short bob very easy to adopt. Modern and quirky, the unstructured square is characterized by shorter wicks on one side than on the other. The tips can be tapered to accentuate the total lack of structure of this square.

The short wavy bob

The wavy bob has been at the top of the list of the most trendy hairstyles for several years now. The wavy effect allows you to bring a relaxed side to the square and can be done with a curling iron or by braiding the hair when it is wet.

Who can wear the short bob?

The short bob arouses curiosity, but it is not suitable for everyone. If you have a round or square face, avoid it. This square is rather reserved for oval, thin or elongated faces. On the other hand, it is suitable for women of all sizes and ages.

The short bob for what face shape?

The square is recommended for women with jaws or cheekbones not very prominent. Faces in the shape of a triangle pointed upwards, rectangle or oval are sublimated with a short square. The volume created at the level of the ears is ideal for camouflaging them if they are a little large or protruding and allows the head to be worn longer.

If you have a large, square or round face, we advise you to avoid the short bob, because it will compress your face. For the more stubborn, who would still like to succumb to the short bob, avoid at all costs associating it with bangs. The latter encloses even more the features and reduces the frame of the face.

Also be careful if you have a long neck or slightly broad shoulders. The short bob will highlight these parts and can create an imbalance in the silhouette.

The square runs on what type of hair?

If you have straight hair, it will be easy for you to adopt the short bob. If your hair is very thin, you can give them some volume and movement with a texturizing spray, or even a curling iron (remember to apply a thermo-protective treatment).

On frizzy or unruly hair, the square will tend to go up. It is therefore necessary to take care to anticipate the retraction of the hair and its spring and do not cut your hair shorter than at the chin. Your DESSANGE hairdresser will carry out the finishing touches on dry hair for a result suited to your expectations.

How to wear the short bob?

Depending on the shape of your face, you can wear the short bob in many ways: wavy, smooth, plunging, with the side parting … If the short bob with bangs is all the rage this season, it does not correspond to all of them. Those who do not wish to risk it can add a touch of originality to their square by accessorizing it.

A short cut does not prevent you from varying the styles. You can also fall for a fringe or a wick to give even more character to your short bob. You can, for example, go for a long side section, trendy tapered bangs, or thicker curtain bangs.

On the coloring side, the short bob looks pretty on any hair color. You can however opt for the trend of contour hair to create a sun effect on the contours of your face.

What maintenance for a short bob?

If the short bob is cut straight, with very little gradient, one visit every six weeks in your hairdressing salon DESSANGE is necessary in order to even out the hair that grows back. If the cut is less straight, an appointment every eight weeks to refresh the cut may be sufficient.

Be careful, on a short cut, the damaged ends are more visible. It is therefore necessary to take care of your hair in order to keep your ends healthy. To do this, take care of your hair routine. Select products adapted to your hair type and regularly make nourishing masks by insisting on your tips.

While the hair dryer and curling iron help you tame stubborn strands for the perfect look, they do sensitize the hair fiber. If you find it hard to do without it, take care to protect them well with a Milk thermo-protective or try your hand at the natural look. Try for example the wavy square by braiding your hair after washing and letting it air dry.

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