How to avoid oily hair?

How to avoid oily hair?

How to avoid oily hair?

Do you dream of having soft and shiny hair every day, without spending hours maintaining it? DESSANGE gives you some simple actions to adopt to avoid having greasy hair on a daily basis and thus strengthen their vitality!

Use a shampoo suitable for your scalp

One of the main mistakes to avoid is to increase the frequency of washing so that your hair greases less quickly. Indeed, when you wash your hair every day, you solicit the sebaceous glands, producing sebum in greater quantity and asphyxiating your roots which no longer absorb the excess and make your hair greasy and oily. Finally, only one or two shampoos are sufficient to take care of the hair.
The Phytodess range targets this type of hair and offers shampoos suitable for oily hair. Purple Ginseng Shampoo or Peppermint Shampoo help regulate excess sebum and restore vitality and freshness to your hair. To deeply nourish your scalp, opt for the Terres Pr├ęcieuses Malachite Deep Cleansing Treatment containing essential oils and green clay with purifying action. You will thus find flexibility and shine for your hair.

Adopt dry shampoo

Need a solution to preserve the health of your hair? Adopt the dry shampoo reflex. First, it reduces the frequency of washing and really helps in the treatment of oily hair. We therefore alternate between a shampoo suitable for oily hair and a dry shampoo which absorbs sebum and gives the illusion of clean hair. Be careful, however, to spray about 30cm from your roots and not to use it too often because it can be irritating for your scalp. It is therefore used in moderation and only at the start of treatment, in extreme situations, to help out before a party, for example.

Adapt your lifestyle and diet

Above all, maintaining a balanced diet can have a major impact on the health of your skin, but also of your hair. In addition to abolishing the hair dryer and aggressive brushes, it is useful to vary your meals and focus on the consumption of cereals, oilseeds, vegetables and fruits! The little extra to remember to put an end to your oily hair: zinc and vitamin B6 available as a cure to cleanse your scalp. Also consider sprinkling your food or your soup with brewer’s yeast, a real ally for nourished and hydrated hair.

With these few routine actions, we can ensure shiny hair every day and a protected scalp to face the extreme temperatures at the onset of winter.

Find our complete range for oily hair on the Dessange shop to restore your hair to its finesse and lightness.

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