How to choose your shampoo?

How to choose your shampoo?

How to choose your shampoo?

An essential step in the quest for perfect hair, shampooing is a ritual to be treated with application. The beauty of the hair comes first and foremost through their health. In order for the hair to shine and breathe, it must be taken care of. Beyond simple washing, shampoo is a meeting place between you and your hair, to give them the treatment they need.

Choose a suitable shampoo

Shampoo is the primary care for the hair. There are a multitude of shampoos, for all types of hair. In the same way that you adapt your face cream according to your skin, the shampoo is chosen according to your hair. The active ingredients that make up the product are different and provide a different response to the specific needs of your hair. If you have trouble identifying the nature of your hair, do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice. He will be able to help you analyze your scalp and your lengths and will guide you to the most suitable products.

– Normal hair, as the name suggests, has no particular problem and is naturally coated with sebum. The ideal, in this case, will be to use a mild basic shampoo. If you are used to washing your hair frequently, choose a formula that is as light as possible. Phytodess ximenia shampoo, with a gel-cream texture, moisturizes the hair fiber on a daily basis. The hair is soft, light, easy to disentangle and radiant with vitality. Responsible sourcing Phytodess: ximenia is a shrub from Namibia whose fruits are collected by pickers trained in harvesting methods to preserve the supply for future generations.

– Oily hair shines at the roots, is heavy and lacks volume. This results from an overproduction of sebum and a scalp irritated by this overflow. It is recommended to clean them quite often, but gently, to purify while respecting the pH of the scalp. Phytodess purple ginseng shampoo, with a gel texture, eliminates excess sebum and balances the scalp. Its formula, enriched with purple ginseng extract, green clay and peppermint essential oil, brings freshness and lightness to the hair. Responsible sourcing Phytodess: purple ginseng comes from reasoned harvesting, contributing to the sustainability of the species.

– Dry hair is brittle and often dull. They can be by nature, in connection with an insufficient production of sebum, or because they are attacked by pollution, the sun, the colorations … It is essential to nourish them in depth, to close the scales of the hair fiber and smooth them out. DESSANGE Paris Inspiration Douceur nutrition shampoo, enriched with black pearl, cashmere and mineral extracts, helps hair regain all its sensuality by providing softness, suppleness and lightness.

– Sensitized hair is weakened and overworked hair. Damaged, they are dull, brittle and often difficult to disentangle. They need to be nourished on the surface but also at the heart of the fiber. DESSANGE Paris Sublime Repair revitalizing shampoo, enriched with black pearl extract, ceramides and amino acids, moisturizes, repairs and protects weakened hair. They regain their original beauty: shine, resistance, softness and flexibility.

– Colored, swept or highlighted hair is attacked by repeated exposure to chemicals. They lose their shine and dry out. To maintain strength and shine, they need to be nourished. The closed scales help the hair fiber to retain color and better reflect light. The brand’s best-selling Phytodess white tea shampoo is specially designed to protect colored or brushed hair. It washes the hair gently and wakes up their shine. Responsible sourcing Phytodess: white tea from the Chinese province of Fujian comes from cultivation that respects the environment, biodiversity and local populations. In addition, it is possible to alternate with a color perfecting shampoo, which makes it possible to restore radiance to the coloring between two visits to a hairdressing salon.

– Curly or wavy hair is dry by nature. Synonyms for femininity and vitality, they require constant attention and require the use of very nourishing and shaping shampoo. DESSANGE Paris Boucle Expression Spring Shampoo, enriched with black pearl extract, a curl energizing bio-polymer and tara gum, moisturizes the hair and facilitates styling. Redesigned, the curls find flexibility and lightness.

As a supplement, don’t forget to use hair care such as masks, oils or serums to hydrate your hair.

The right things to do for a good shampoo

The basic principle is not to wash your hair too frequently, as this has the opposite effect: the scalp “defends itself” by producing more sebum. Wash them twice a week, regardless of your hair type. Always precede shampooing with a good brushing of the hair to remove dirt and dust. To wet your hair before shampooing, use lukewarm or hot water to open the scales of the hair: this will allow the treatments to penetrate better. Do not use too much product: one nut is enough. Poured into the palm of the hand, it is then applied to the top of the head. Lather and massage with the fingertips. Go down the sides of the skull and the back of the neck to activate micro-circulation. This massage is also a great technique for those who want to know how to make hair grow faster. For rinsing, use lukewarm water and, ideally, finish with a jet of cold water to tighten the scales and promote natural shine. The hair is sufficiently rinsed when it creaks under the fingers. If your hair is dull, finish washing with a vinegar rinse lotion. Raspberry vinegar, enriched with black pearl, amaranth oil and fruit acids, neutralize the lime particles that dull the hair and tighten their scales for a sublimated shine.

Then pre-dry your hair by gently squeezing a terry towel. Do not wring or rub: these two gestures are particularly aggressive for the hair fiber. If you use a hair dryer, avoid too hot temperatures which will damage the scaling of the hair.

Opt for work-study

All specialists will confirm it to you: to have beautiful hair, it is better to alternate two types of shampoos rather than always using the same one. Otherwise, your scalp gets used to the active ingredients and the treatment loses its effectiveness. The alternation allows, on the other hand, to act on the state and the nature of the hair according to the priority of the moment. A person who will have, for example, fine, dry hair may use, alternately during the week, a shampoo for fine hair and a shampoo for dry hair. There are many combinations, just do not choose two shampoos with opposite actions.

Shampoo: Last minute

Great trend of the moment, dry shampoo is now an essential, perfect both to give a second freshness to the hair and to fix a hairstyle. Absorbing excess sebum, the dry shampoo cleanses the hair without wetting it and helps restore freshness and lightness. Ideal for spacing out shampoos, it refreshes the hairstyle of the day before and instantly delivers a feeling of clean hair.

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