How to cut your own hair?

How to cut your own hair?

How to cut your own hair?

After several unfortunate experiences at the hairdresser or because you have to combine with a small budget, you sometimes want to take the plunge and try to cut your hair yourself. It is not always easy to know how to go about it, however, there are simple techniques that allow you to cut bangs, split ends and even to break down your hair easily.

Cutting bangs yourself

Cut straight bangs oneself is almost child’s play. To achieve this, you just need to straighten your hair or wet it and detangle it well. Second step, using a tail comb, draw a triangle with the tip perfectly placed in the middle of the head.

This section is then combed many times and then using scissors specially designed for hairdressing, we gradually cut the strands very straight. An advice, don’t try to bring the strands from the edges of the head towards the middle to cut them, unless you want to have rounded bangs and not straight ones.

Once your bangs are cut, take your scissors again and this time slightly trim the ends, holding your tool vertically. Make light notches all along the fringe to give it a little volume and naturalness.

How to degrade the hair?

Breaking down your hair can seem difficult, but in fact, a simple technique called the “elastic technique” allows you to give relief to your cut with a scissors stroke. All you need to do is wet your hair or straighten it impeccably, then brush the entire hair from back to front. In fact, it is necessary to make an inverted ponytail, not on the back of the head therefore, but on the front.

So tie your hair at the forehead, well in the middle with an elastic. Then take your scissors and go to the cut. Do not be afraid, this technique has already been proven. If you are anxious, start by cutting 3 centimeters then repeat if necessary. So cut your ponytail, a few centimeters above the tips according to the desired length and here as before, start by cutting straight and then make slight notches with the scissors placed vertically.

If you don’t want to cut your hair entirely, do like this young lady in the video, draw a straight line with your comb from ear to ear. Focus only on hair from the front of the head up to this line. Make your ponytail with this section and cut.

Eliminate split ends and forks

This is one of the techniques that we would like to master the most to avoid the hairdresser and the too many centimeters cut when we simply wanted to say goodbye to our forks and split ends.

Cutting your own hair here is also not difficult. You just have to know how to go about it! For the forks present throughout the lengths on the gradient of the cut, twist each strand of hair on itself and remove the small tips that protrude.

For split ends, untangle your hair, draw a parting down the middle of the head, and bring each section of hair back to the front of the left shoulder or to the front of the right shoulder. Take each section of hair and cut off the protruding forks. Another technique, take the wicks one by one and cut one or two centimeters each time. This technique is longer but also less risky.

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