How to differentiate a balayage and highlights?

How to differentiate a balayage and highlights?

How to differentiate a balayage and highlights?

For bring relief to a natural color and illuminate the hair, two options are available to you: the sweep or the highlights. Corn how to choose, and how to differentiate them ? These two coloring techniques are actually quite different, and they don’t have the same effect or the same goal.

What is the difference between balayage and highlights?

The difference between balayage and highlights is located at the level of more marked contrast in the case of wicks. They are intended to give light to your hair, and are thus clearly visible and more pronounced than a balayage, which remains discreet and natural.

Balayage, all in nuances

Balayage is a partial coloring, consisting in dyeing certain parts of the hair, by dotting the hair with very fine strands one or two shades lighter than the base color. This creates reflections blending into the natural color, with a diffuse result which emphasizes the cut and gives pep to the lengths.

This technique, more discreet than wicks, is ideal for giving shine to blonde and warming up brown. Balayage adapts to all hair lengths and textures, giving volume to fine or straight hair, and depth to curly or frizzy hair.

A sweep will be perfect if you want to illuminate and give a boost to your hair in a subtle way, with natural shades.

For blondes looking for a “return from vacation” effect, go for a Californian sweep, technique invented and perfected by Dessange. For the brunettes, opt for caramel balayage or honey balayage, which will bring warmth and sensuality to your hair.

Chemical or biological sweeping

A sweep can be done in several ways, and the hairdresser can, according to your choice, opt for industrial cosmetics or organic products, based on minerals and plant ingredients.

It is natural pigments which do not damage the hair, and are suitable for this type of partial coloring. You will avoid cranial irritations, your hair will be strengthened and will gain softness.

Wicks, for more character

The locks correspond, like the sweep, to a partial coloring technique. However, colored strands are more pronounced than a balayage because they are much wider, to create contrast and more pronounced reflections.

You can have a natural or totally extravagant rendering, because you choose the intensity and color tone of the strands. For a natural effect, avoid too strong differences, blond on brown, because the result may lack elegance and modernity. Prefer a color quite close to your natural base color, a few tones below or above, such as Venetian blonde on copper red hair for example. However, if you want something contrasting and unique then strands are for you, let go !

The wicks are ideal for those who want to change their head without completely changing their hair color, and give their cut a little character.

This coloring technique brings lots of light and relief with long or mid-length hair, but not suitable for short cuts.

Wicks with or without ammonia

To make strands, your hairdresser uses a more aggressive product than for sweeping because the strands must be marked. The coloring product contains ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, in order to open the scales of the hair, and to alter the natural melanin to give a new color to the strand.

Other coloring products are certified without ammonia and peroxide, but necessarily contain aggressive products, less denigrated by the general public, such as the oxidant or resorcinol. Without chemicals, wicks cannot set.

Balayage is a very diffuse and subdued color, so it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, just a good shampoo and a nourishing mask (both for colored hair) once a week, and an appointment with the hairdresser every three months, to boost radiance.

Drill bits require more maintenance and touch-ups, so that the demarcations with the natural color are not too visible between the roots and the rest of the hair. Pamper them with shampoo for colored hair and nourishing mask (for colored hair too) once a week, so that your hair stays shiny, luminous, and full of vitality.

The highlights and the highlights are coloring, even partial, and they lose shine over shampooing. That is why products for colored hair are essential to prolong the luminous effect of the color as much as possible.

When you go on vacation, beware of chlorinated water in swimming pools, which gives a greenish tint to blonde colorings. Likewise, salt from seawater and UV rays are harmful to your hair, do not hesitate to protect them with suitable products or simply with shea butter applied in large layers, like a protective poultice, just before going in the sun or in the water.

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