How to do natural makeup

How to do natural makeup

How to do natural makeup

Enhance your natural beauty by sporting a fresh complexion and a glowing complexion without any frills. Master the art of natural makeup thanks to these 5 steps!

Take care of your skin

Spotted on many catwalks, nude makeup is definitely THE symbol of elegant and refined makeup par excellence. Ideally worn every day, it highlights the natural beauty of women without overplaying and without missteps.

To appear fresh and glowing, this discreet makeup begins with a preparation of the skin. Because as you will understand, a lot of makeup and products are necessary to become a better version of yourself and to sublimate your beauty potential.

First stage : makeup removal. Whether or not you get out of the shower, this step will allow you once and for all to remove any impurity or trace of your makeup. If you have sensitive skin, use a velvety cleansing milk instead, which gently cleanses your skin, leaving it clean, soft and supple.

Second step: say goodbye to tired eyes. Use a fresh eye treatment to fade the traces of fatigue. This step allows you to start on a good basis before starting to work on the complexion.

The fresh complexion

Natural makeup is essentially based on in-depth work on the complexion. This is to highlight the shape and natural color of your face and bring out the radiance.

Before anything else, be sure to choose the right shade for your foundation. We are talking here about undertones (cold, warm or neutral) that you can define simply by looking at the color of your veins on the inside of the wrist. If they are green, your undertone is warm (yellow, golden, coppery). If they are more blue, your undertone is cold (pink, red, blue). And if blue and green appear, your undertone is neutral. Be sure to choose a foundation close to your skin tone.

First, apply a smoothing base which will allow the last imperfections to disappear naturally and which helps to hold the make-up. Then, place your bare skin effect foundation or your complexion perfecting BB cream on your forehead, your cheeks, the bridge of the nose and the chin. Spread with a finger or a brush, making sure to stretch the material outwards and upwards. Bring the last notes of light with your natural light corrector concealer at the corner of the eye and under the eye.

Bring relief to your face

After having unified your complexion and corrected its imperfections, it is essential to give it a healthy glow! Take your blush and your light correcting powder and apply the latter with a flat brush on your nose, forehead, chin and the top of your cheekbones. Finally, bring freshness to your face with our natural glow blush. Draw a triangle on your cheekbones, starting from your eye and stretch it all up to your ear for a more subtle look.

Illuminate your eyes

To bring character to your eyes while using as little product as possible, start this step by lingering for a moment on your eyebrows to work them in finesse. It is important that they are well drawn – not too thin, not too thick – and that they are regular and that they have substance. With the help of an eyebrow gel, you can structure them and intensify their natural color, without missteps.

We can never tell you enough, but for a captivating and elegant look, do not have a heavy hand contrary to appearances! A touch of mascara applied directly to the base of the lashes is enough to illuminate your eyes in a natural way.

The lips

Lipstick or gloss remain your best allies for successful natural makeup. There are shades of nude lipstick that will bring a note of freshness to

your makeup. So be sure to choose this product according to your skin tone: if you have dark skin, choose a beige velvet mat lipstick. For fair skin, choose nude pink. Finally, opt for pink coral instead if you have golden skin.

To wear everyday for a fresh and trendy look, natural makeup highlights your natural beauty. You go out tonight ? Bring some pep to your nude makeup with a touch of your lipstick for a 100% glamorous look.

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