How to fight against oily skin?

How to fight against oily skin?

How to fight against oily skin?

There are several types of skin: normal skin, dry skin, combination skin, oily skin … Even if the type can vary depending on various internal and external factors during a lifetime (aging, hormones, UV, outside temperature, diet etc.), it is mainly determined according to the genetic heritage of each individual. While each skin type requires special attention, here we’ll take a closer look at oily skin, which is often known to cause the most skin problems.

What is oily skin?

The term “oily skin” is used to describe a type of skin with increased sebum production. This usually results in more visible and often enlarged pores, a shiny appearance of the epidermis, as well as pale and thicker skin. Oily skin is more prone to comedones (blackheads or whiteheads) and various forms of blemishes, such as acne.

What are the causes of oily skin?

Several factors can cause the overproduction of sebum to which oily skin is a victim: genetic heritage, hormonal imbalances or changes, taking certain medications, stress and the use of comedogenic cosmetics (makeup products that cause irritation / promote the imperfections).

How to take care of oily skin?

To live at best with oily skin and try to reduce the inconveniences associated with it, we must find the appropriate care. Oily skin certainly needs to be purified, but be careful, it should not be stripped!

  • A weekly deep cleansing: once or twice a week (no more so as not to eliminate all the sebum and risk that the skin produces even more to compensate), use a gentle exfoliation to remove dead cells. Once the skin is perfectly cleansed, use a mask for oily skin (usually based on clay, zinc or charcoal) to gently purify and mattify your skin.
  • In the evening: it is essential (regardless of the skin type) to remove makeup well every evening in order to help the skin to regenerate itself during the night. Micellar water, cleansing oil, cleansing milk… you choose according to the texture you prefer. Know that contrary to popular belief, makeup remover oil will not make your skin more oily. Indeed, the oil texture being very effective in removing all traces of make-up, it is less necessary to rub, which limits the risk of irritation.
    After that, use a facial cleansing foam to remove any residue. This will leave your skin perfectly clear and fresh to apply your cream. Because yes, it’s out of the question to ignore hydration even when you have oily skin! Prefer water-based moisturizers because even if your skin does not need the “fat” that it already produces itself, it does need water in order not to be dehydrated.
  • Upon awakening: your skin was perfectly cleansed during your make-up removal the day before. There is therefore no need to re-insist with a cleaning that is too abrasive in the morning. You can simply with the help of a purifying lotion and a cotton ball, eliminate the excess sebum secreted during the night and then apply your moisturizer before putting on your makeup.
  • Make-up: oily skin should not be overloaded with material in order to maintain a natural look. For this, it is necessary to use foundations with non-comedogenic formulas, which do not clog the pores. These are to be applied with a sponge (perfectly clean) for a fully melted effect, but especially not to the fingers which represent real nests of microbes. If you want to camouflage imperfections, you can use a corrector locally on your redness or pimples. Be careful not to deposit too much material and thus create an unsightly relief. Finally, to perfect your complexion, apply a cloud of loose or compact powder to properly mattify the skin, without forgetting a touch of blush for the healthy glow effect.

As you will have understood, the watchword for oily skin is the balance that it is imperative to respect! However, rest assured, this type of skin does not only have faults… Indeed, oily skin is much less sensitive to skin aging and deep wrinkles than other skin types, for example. Whatever your skin type, learn to love it and pamper it as it should, it will give you back in a few years.

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